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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Apple March 2022 Event Highlights: Mac Studio, iPad Air 5, iPhone SE and more

The much-anticipated Apple event of March 2022 finally took place with interesting unveilings. The Apple March 2022 event highlights will cover all you need to know about what’s coming next.

This year, Apple had one of their most significant sales, shipping millions of phones worldwide. The A15 bionic powered phones are the successor of the previous A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12 series. The 13 and 13 pros now come with a new colour Alpine Green, which grabbed attention.

The much-anticipated iPhone SE3 has been announced on the budget side of things. The phone packs a similar punch to A15 but a much smaller display. Even though customers expected a much lower price point and a bigger screen, Apple keeps their budget line up in check with a similar design as the previous year. The touch ID still remains on the SE3 series, which is now pre-orders. The iPhone SE 3 (2022) is priced at $429 with 5G added.

For professional creators, Apple introduced Mac Studio. The Mac Studio on “peek Performance” event gained attention as it packs a ton of power in a smaller form factor. It is smaller than Mac Pro but more potent than the Mac Mini. This is the latest addition to the Apple lineup of the Mac series.

The Mac Studio is a supercharged Mac mini with an M1 chip which Apple builds in-house. The M1 Max chip is pretty powerful and might have the M1 Ultra, which bridges two M1 chips together for more performance and 65 per cent less power consumption. The iMac 27-inch is overpowered by the $1,999 Mac Studio.

The Apple Studio Display is one of the most awaited products for pro-consumers. Starting at $1,599, the Apple Studio Display is a 27-inch panel with 5K resolution. The display can reach a peak brightness of 600 nits, ideal for controlled light situations or rooms with a steady light. It packs the best audio speaker system apple ever put under a display, along with a 12MP camera module.

There were short announcements before Apple finally went live with the products, and even what’s more interesting are the rumours. The rumours of new coloured phones, displays and iPad were entirely accurate. According to various sources, rumours started when Apple ordered millions of shows from Samsung that matched the size of iPads and other products of similar category.

Apple TV Plus announcement included a few new shows and movies, including MLB Friday Night Baseball. The show will have two live games for subscribers. Many waited for the SE series, but some were surprised by a $30 price bump. The display sizes and rest of the features are quite the same as before. Even though the A15 packs a punch, phones with a smaller price range on Android offers much more. This seems like a marketing stunt for Apple to make more bucks on the premium lineup of phones.

The iPad Air lineup was due to an upgrade since 2020 with the new chip. So, Apple pushed the fresh iPad Air with the M1 chip, used on laptops, 12-megapixels ultrawide front camera, 5G and a few other improved features. The design is the same as the fourth-gen iPad Air but starts at $599.

If we take a deeper dive into the M1 Max powered Mac Studio once more, it is easy to notice that this is the flagship product Apple tried to promote at the event. By linking two M1 chips, Apple calls it Ultra as it has more than double the savings of power but packs a punch. The computer uses high-bandwidth memory and supports up to 128 GB ram and 8TB of SSD space.

The computer has a massive cooling system along with Thunderbolt 4 ports. It can power four Pro XDR monitors and one 4K display simultaneously. Apple is genuinely pushing the power of next-gen computers. The Pro lineup targets a niche consumer base; rendering on native apps are pretty fast, but gaming is not up to the mark. If that is something, you’d want to do, grab a Windows PC with the beefiest configure you can afford. That would be the best for multipurpose.

Hopefully, another event will take place in September. The company will announce the future lineup of their best-selling products.


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