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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

AT&T and Discovery both in talks to merge with WarnerMedia

We heard the news that an exclusive talk is going on that will merge AT&T, WarnerMedia and Discovery. AT&T and Discovery shareholders have publicly traded stocks that are co-owned by the two company. But after the merging, there will be a third company with the same trading venture. It is expected that the transition is in a waiting period, from the information we could gather.

WarnerMedia is a large company with many titles on its shelf. Their competition is widely popular services like Netflix and Disney. These media giants are largely successful and pretty much popular amongst everyone. Even in the share market, they are hot grabs. This merging plan is thought to be a pretty bold move to strengthen up the newly acquired media company. And also, to improve upon the existing systems of distributed network channels. From private discussions and data, we gathered from CNBC, leakers of information asked them to keep identity private. They also said the deal is not yet final and it could fall apart at any moment. But mostly the deal has the potential to go on and is well thought. And officials declined to comment on the matter at this early stage.

AT&T and Discovery after allocating WarnerMedia will be announced as a publicly-traded company. Both will co-own the media giant and as it’s a huge deal, the consequences may vary. Same reason owners and board of directors don’t want to concern people behind the companies to fall under unreasonable facts to consume quickly. Even what kind of split of currency is going on is not public yet. As far as data goes, Discovery has $16 billion in market capitalisation. And as a whole enterprise, the market value may exceed $30 billion in value. WarnerMedia, previously known as Time Warner, has an equity value of $85 billion. This data was received during a business meeting in 2018.

AT&T has year-long plans to deal with the business proposal and to undergo with efficient distribution of shares and insider market. Keeping a tax-friendly deal and margin with a friendly deal is a surprise for many companies. As much insider information’s are still inside, we are guessing it would turn out to be a Reverse Morris Trust. Because all the information we gathered is directing us to this report. Netflix has a market cap of around $220.77B according to NFLX (NASDAQ) and Walt Disney Co. $312.951B respectfully. To cope with them, this deal is fueling out to be very intense and future intentions of the companies. Discovery has a reality TV empire and AT&T has vast media holdings. So this business deal may affect competitive performance with the media giants we mentioned. Also, it is thought to be a major assembly of the telecommunications and media industry as everything is now falling under the same roof.

AT&T has a debt of around $50 billion after the transaction is completed. According to a report by Dow Jones, the talk could still fall apart. Discovery Chief Executive Officer David Zaslav is expected to lead the new company. Reports flooding around the web boosted Discovery shares by 16% and AT&T by 1.4% in premarket trading. AT&T, Verizon Communications Inc. was having a rough time before the news made it to the public. CNN, HBO, TNT, Cartoon Network and more are owned by AT&T. Food Network, Animal Planet, TLC, HGTV are some of the network channels by Discovery channel mogul John Malone.

John Stankey, CEO of AT&T cut off staffs and sold underperforming assets previously due to budget cuts and unexpected losses. But after rolling out the 5G wireless network, they got tons of money as an investment fund. And we think this is one of the outcomes of that. As we have seen a huge rise in the movie, TV show, music or the broad entertainment industry growing and outperforming other businesses day by day, the outcome is hoped to be pretty soothing. Now we know that AT&T is one of the most indebted companies in the world after tons of acquisitions. At the Federal Commissions sale of airwaves, Verizon bid $45 billion and AT&T bid $23 billion. This patch together of media business may create more entities in the age of online streaming.


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