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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky on Cloud and Data innovation: What are the upcoming opportunities?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains one of the most famous names among global tech players hugely known for leading cloud computing services. When Andy Jassy replaced Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, his spot was filled by Adam Selipsky in March. Previously Adam led AWS marketing, sales and support channel from when the company started. At the moment, Adam is the decision-maker of the multibillion-dollar tech firm, helping SMB’s to execute the modern world successfully.

During the company’s innovation festival, Adam told us, “Amazon is always about having very high standards and about being vocally self-critical, which is a term you hear around here a lot.”

In his remarks, company partners and clients look forward to machine learning innovation by a significant margin. Though machine learning has come a long way, and we expect it to help us more in future, these tech company decision-makers have a different view. As their business is dependent on such patterns and serving a wide array of customers, push to the cloud computing received a rapid pace.

Last year during Salesforce integration, Adam talked about data. According to him, data can be dumped on anyone as there are a lot. Challenge arrives at deciding moments of “when and what” we got to do with the data. Many tech companies offer varied services to tackle the same challenge, and AWS is the crowned king in the sector, making them hugely successful and a role model in the industry.

The Harvard graduate was the former president and CEO at Tableau before becoming CEO of AWS. End to end analytical platform Tableau is also a big name in the tech industry. Coming from that to lead AWS made data preparation, collecting analytics a more straightforward process.

Data visualisation software maker Tableau gave Adam a great experience to run the AWS market to succeed and innovate. In a 2019 study, Gartner said Amazon has 45% of the global cloud market share, where the rest, including Google and Microsoft, falls by a significant margin. Its web service company ranks up right after Amazon eCommerce, making Adam one of the most visible people in the cloud industry right after Jassy, CEO of Amazon.

Currently, AWS is developing their chips to power server-side machines and maintaining a price-performance ratio. AWS currently serves millions of customers in over 200 countries bringing in $60 billion a year in revenue. The number is pretty extensive, which fuels the trillion-dollar brand, which grew 37% within a year.

The last year and a half have been tumultuous, to say the least, as we were hit by deadly Coronavirus. At that time, tech played a big role in the economy’s survival. A study conducted by McKinsey said “five years of digital transformation happened in eight weeks” within the first quarter of the pandemic last year.

Choosing the right MSP partner will grant every option that AWS offers in a platter, making stuff relatively easier in Laymen’s terms. It’s easy to receive good tech suggestions, but understanding which MSP will give the best result may prompt questions. Well-reupdated AWS partnered MSP highlights their vision and current statics regarding the matter.

Mark Hawkins, President & CFO of Salesforce, said, “It’s the best-in-class, unique asset in the world.” Since the Tableau acquisition, Adam remained as the CEO and later shifted to serve a broader audience.

After joining AWS in 2005, Adam started with a vision to transform and change how companies can achieve the significant potential of cloud and storage in the shortest possible time with proper efficiency. We are looking forward to the upcoming Q4 and state of cloud services.


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