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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

AWS uses AI safety measures and a new chatbot to attract customers.

Amazon aims to attract major corporate clients to its AWS cloud computing service with the introduction of Q, a new chatbot designed to enhance productivity for businesses. Q assists workers in summarizing vital documents and supporting tickets through communication platforms like Slack. It can autonomously modify business source code to expedite development. This innovation follows the trend set by OpenAI's ChatGPT, which ignited a surge of investment in generative AI startups a year ago.

During Amazon's annual cloud computing conference in Las Vegas, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky unveiled Guardrails for Bedrock, a protective measure against objectionable content in generative AI applications. This service empowers users to filter out harmful content, addressing concerns about offensive or inappropriate results stemming from publicly available content. 

Selipsky emphasized the significance of Guardrails for Bedrock, allowing customers to set appropriate limits on the generative AI they utilize. For instance, a bank could configure an online assistant to avoid offering investment advice, while an e-commerce site could ensure its assistant refrains from using hate speech or insults. This control is crucial in preventing generative AI from disseminating inappropriate or harmful content, especially on influential platforms like social media.

As part of its corporate appeal, Amazon emphasizes that the Q chatbot provides businesses with the ability to impose restrictions on sensitive data access, tailoring access privileges to designated employees.

The pricing for this service starts at $20 per user per year. Additionally, Amazon announced its commitment to indemnify customers against lawsuits related to the misuse of copyrighted materials, citing instances such as Getty Images suing Stability AI for alleged unauthorized scraping of images from its website.

While Guardrails for Bedrock is currently in limited preview, Amazon has not provided detailed information about its indemnification policy. These initiatives collectively showcase Amazon's proactive approach to addressing potential legal and reputational risks associated with AI technologies, solidifying its position as a comprehensive and responsible cloud computing service provider.


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