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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

BackBox focus on Quality of Life for its service providers

Technology services partners such as MSPs and MSSPs are essential for many organisations as their IT environments become more complex and security threats become more prominent. Just as organisations expect service providers to make things easier, service providers need solutions that enable better and more efficient results. Everyone is trying to do more with less.

That's why service providers rely on BackBox, a network automation platform focused on automating network security and operations at scale.

For example, Edafio uses BackBox to free up engineers who spent most, if not all, of their time issuing updates and patches. With Backbox, engineers and technicians are more focused on customers and value-producing activities.

BackBox enables providers to schedule automatic backups and saves device settings, restore one-click real-time inventory management, automate routine tasks and proactively perform health checks on critical devices.

BackBox's network and security device automation platform has added new and improved features to ensure faster time-to-time and better integration for MSPs and MSSPs. The update includes new features built at the forefront of technology services partners.

Advanced license management gives MSPs and MSSPs greater flexibility in managing licenses based on ever-evolving customer needs. This feature allows system administrators to dynamically manage client access rights without BackBox having to intervene.

Namespace Duplication allows users to manage duplicate and overlapping IP addresses or identical device names in different client networks. Okta integration, LDAP, MFA and SSO support enable TSPs to leverage IAM products and technologies, enhancing the security of their ecosystems and improving operator efficiency.

In addition, the improved platform user experience offers complex settings that help simplify and streamline the use of the platform, enabling faster evaluation and easier navigation.

This latest version includes a number of new features and updates specifically designed to make work easier for MSPs and MSSPs said Craig McDonald, Vice President of Product Management at BackBox. The availability of update expands BackBox's network backup, upgrade, and automation capabilities that MSPs rely on to provide managed network and firewall protection to their customers.


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