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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Blue Equinox MSP Alliance Partner Program and Network: Perfect platform for MSP collaboration

As an MSP you can be the best at what you do but to truly thrive in the market, you need to delegate some functions to more skilled people. According to Blue Equinox, MSPs with the best services still find it hard to close clients either because they lack a capable sales department or do not tick all the boxes that customers are looking for in a provider.

It is for this reason that they decided to launch the MSP Alliance Partner Program and Network which brings different MSPs together enabling them to benefit from combined marketing, sales, application stack, staffing, and additional consulting services for this purpose.

“Our team gets in the trenches with our partners every day – helping them solve their real problems, whether that’s setting appointments, closing deals, or dealing with a customer that has a real-life ransomware attack and doesn’t know where to turn,” explains Blue Equinox CEO, Scott Raymer.

“Our team finds, cleanses, loads, and calls on new customer leads to set new customer appointments for MSPs. Then they’re matched with a senior IT consultant qualified via a 12-week Blue Equinox course and 3-day immersion training”

The program is already proving its value to MSPs that have joined. Early this year, Blue Equinox closed a $70,000 MRR deal for Cyberstreams, a silicon-valley-based business.

“Before joining this network, these kinds of deals were a tough sell to customers, but Blue Equinox’s ability to leverage other MSPs as a united front createS the conditions for these deals to happen. Using Blue Equinox’s method, it’s easy for customers to see the value that our MSP brings to the table,” Cyberstreams COO was quoted saying.

To be accepted in the program, each MSP must meet, or be willing to meet, a list of conditions. These are based on experience, certification, revenue, existing KPIs, security and compliance, and geography. “We’re always willing to work with a business when we see that they have the bones of a great MSP,” says Ron Searle, president of Blue Cloud, which is Blue Equinox’s preferred marketplace for MSPs to purchase applications and services.

At the time of writing this, there are over 30 MSPs in the program and around a dozen National Alliance Partner companies.


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