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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Canon opens two new business centres in the UK and Ireland

Canon has launched two new business centres in Crawley, West Sussex and Munster, Ireland that will collaborate with local Platinum Partners to provide print and document management expertise. Canon will be hoping that the two new hubs match the success of the Canon Business North East that was launched in Newcastle in 2020.

The two centres will operate under the names Canon Business Centre Munster (CBC Munster) and Canon Business Centre SOS (CBC SOS). Canon says the purpose of the centres is to provide easy access to customised technology solutions and advice to local businesses.

To ensure success, Canon will be partnering with a local reseller and a Platinum Partner in each of the two regions. In the UK, they will partner with SOS Systems and Cantec Group in Ireland, two organisations that have had a longstanding relationship with Canon.

SOS Systems which was formed in 1985 has been working with Canon for 32 years and enjoys a wide customer base stretching across the South of England. The company provides print, document, and information management solutions, as well as consultation services on business initiatives such as digital transformation.

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Canon on this exciting project – which marks a huge step in our 32 years of working together,” said Chris Sills, managing director at SOS Systems. “Today more than ever before, local businesses are seeking out ways to save costs, boost profits and optimise processes – our new CBC SOS supports this ambition and we’re looking forward to helping local businesses grow and succeed.”

Cantec on the other hand has been in operation since 1994 and has grown from a photocopier dealership to a leading brand in the provision of integrated hardware and software solutions.

“After 28 years of partnership with Canon, we’re excited to be opening the first CBC in Ireland – offering us the opportunity to support local businesses and find new ways to help them enhance their processes,” said Greg Tuohy, CEO at Cantec.

Speaking on the new CBCs, Stuart Miller who is the director of B2B indirect sales at Canon UK&I said that a collaboration between Canon and the two partners will ensure that their customers are getting the best resources to remain competitive in the current times.

“By partnering together to create these two new CBCs, we hope to deliver even stronger support to local businesses, offering award-winning solutions which will help them to grow in these challenging times,” said Stuart Miller, director of B2B indirect sales at Canon UK&I.


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