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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

CES 2022 is on its way with Hybrid-Model of the show

Another CES event is just around the corner, and it is by far one of the most exciting global tech events. From robots that serve food, taxi that flies passengers to destination and many other fascinating techs. Tech companies bring in future concept products, showcase new tech, which awes the audience.

The CES 2022 kicks off on January 5 2022, with the participation of over two thousand companies. They will be showcasing their current projects and innovations and are a great place for sharing ideas. Over 2100 exhibition companies will perform this year, and more are being added every day.

One hundred ninety-five of the Fortune Global 500 companies will participate in the program, and tech leaders will be doing the presentations. Sixty-six top retailers, 77 of the Interbrand 100 with the US and global media coverage. Over 159 countries are attendees of the program hosted in Las Vegas.

In-person events will begin on January 5 to 8, along with remote events. CES 2021 was entirely virtual, which did not interest us as the coronavirus capped us at home. But this year’s event will follow a hybrid model that works both virtually and physically.

According to the BBC tech channel, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter are some firms not sending teams in the event. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 started amidst the recovery of a pandemic, but now the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 is on the rise. It’s calling for new measures. Google, Waymo will still attend the show in the four-day running period.

Attendees will require to be fully vaccinated and a test before entering the venues. The digital event behind the in-person one will give worldwide viewers access to live sessions, keynotes, speeches and product showcases. Last year, CES event managers handled the whole event virtually and before that. So, according to them, the hybrid model is not hard to manage, but proper cautions will be in place.

Gary Shapiro, the organiser of the Consumer Electronics Show, said about the hope of a physical event in 2022. "The thirst for human contact. It may not be hugs and handshakes right away. And hopefully, there’ll be other events before ours to see the best practices. But we will be different."

The Verge reported that Microsoft also dropped its schedule of physical attendance with the increased prevalence of coronavirus. As large companies decided to drop out, giving other attendees and viewers a mixed reaction to the best decision. Nevertheless, if the companies don’t settle for the pre-scheduled presence, there will be misguided rumours on the events, which must be avoided.

The schedule is already fixed for the primary physical event, so things will not change much. But the hybrid model surely will bring some insights as those companies will be participating virtually.

Last time, we received leaks and product news ahead of time, but the hybrid model will make it challenging to deliver at the usual level. There will be multiple instances running at the same time. But we are hopeful the long-awaited event will be a successful one as the organisers have been doing the same thing for years.

Virtual or physical, the show must go on, and it will. There is no lack of brilliant organisations and innovations, and it needs to come in front of the people. Consumers also wait and mark their calendars to spectate the lives of the fantastic show, and top tech companies never disappoint them.

CES senior director Jamie Kaplan said, “we’re not cancelling, even with exhibitor dropouts.” Though cancelling major companies surely disappoints customers of the brand, but we guess there will be follow-ups. CTA spokesman said 42 exhibitors had cancelled their in-person attendance, but 60 new ones have been added. And there is still a week remaining for companies to join, and we hope it will be a blast this year.

We hope to see the state of last years innovations and where they are now along with new ones.


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