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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Chrome extensions could save you some money in 2024 

In today's challenging financial world, saving money is a universal concern. While we have been mindful of our expenses, one area we have overlooked is optimizing web browsing experience. Most of us aren't informed about money-saving browser extensions for Chrome, like Honey.

The Honey Chrome extension is a valuable tool designed to help users save money while shopping online. Developed by PayPal, Honey functions as an online shopping assistant seamlessly integrated into the Chrome web browser. Here's how it works:

1. Coupon Searching: When you're on a website making a purchase, Honey automatically scans the web for available coupon codes related to the items in your shopping cart. This feature ensures that you get the best possible discount without manually searching for coupons.

2. Discount Application: Once Honey finds relevant coupons, it applies them to your order during the checkout process. This can result in instant savings on your online purchases.

3. Cashback Rewards: For users with a PayPal account in 'good standing,' Honey offers the potential to earn cashback reward points on top of the applied discounts. This adds an extra layer of savings for those who frequently shop online.

4. User-Friendly Interface:The extension is user-friendly, with a straightforward interface that makes it easy to use, even for individuals with intermediate-level technical skills.

5. Browser Compatibility: As a Chrome extension, Honey seamlessly integrates into the Chrome browser, making it a convenient and accessible tool for users who prefer this web browser.

Next on the list is The Camelizer, a companion to Honey, particularly useful for Amazon Prime members. This extension tracks historical pricing on Amazon, providing insights into whether a product's current price is a good deal or if it might drop further in the future. It even allows setting alerts for specific price levels.

We also have TopCashback Chrome extension is a tool designed to enhance the cashback experience for online shoppers. 

1. Cashback Rewards:TopCashback is a service that offers cashback returns on purchases made through affiliated retailers. When users make a purchase from a retailer participating in the TopCashback program, they receive a percentage of their spending back as cashback.

2. Automatic Checking:The Chrome extension simplifies the cashback process by automatically checking any website visited for available cashback offers on products. This feature eliminates the need for users to manually navigate to the TopCashback website and search for eligible retailers and items.

3. Activation Prompt: To secure cashback, users only need to click the 'activate' prompt that pops up when making a purchase. This streamlined process ensures that users don't miss out on potential cashback opportunities.

4. Voucher Code Notifications: In addition to cashback, the extension may also notify users of available voucher codes, providing an additional way to save money on their purchases.

5. Convenience: While not every retailer may be supported by the extension, it offers a convenient way for users to access cashback benefits without the hassle of manual searches. This can be particularly beneficial for users who want a seamless and effortless cashback experience.

Despite the  different available extensions like Rakuten and Fakespot, you can choose to start the year with the golden trio of Honey, The Camelizer, and TopCashback. As we start the new year of 2024, these extensions might just be the key to keeping more money in our pockets.


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