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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Cisco partners with Nutanix in a move to simplify hybrid multi-cloud and drive widespread adoption

Cisco and Nutanix have announced a new global partnership to provide an integrated hyper-converged infrastructure solution for hybrid multi-cloud adoption. This collaboration aims to help organisations modernise IT infrastructure while addressing key challenges like complexity, sustainability, and security.

The new offering combines Cisco’s compute, networking, and management portfolio with Nutanix’s hybrid multi-cloud software platform. It will allow simplified delivery of infrastructure and applications across customer data centres and public clouds.

Cisco and Nutanix plan to jointly market the integrated solution, leveraging Cisco’s extensive sales reach. It will be sold, delivered, and supported as a unified package spanning virtual computing, networking, storage, and cloud management.

“This partnership answers with a complete solution spanning virtual compute, networking, and storage across customer data centres and public clouds,” said Jeremy Foster, SVP and GM of Cisco Compute.

The partners highlighted strong customer demand for simple, sustainable, and future-ready solutions. Their collaboration aims to meet this need via a seamless on-prem and cloud platform.

The solution will be validated to work across Cisco UCS servers, including initial support for Cisco’s C-Series and future support for the new energy-efficient Cisco X-Series. It will integrate Cisco’s infrastructure technology, like UCS, ACI, and Intersight, with Nutanix’s Cloud Platform software.

This partnership enables Cisco and Nutanix to provide customers with an integrated hyper-converged product leveraging both companies’ core strengths. It combines Cisco’s leading converged infrastructure with Nutanix’s hybrid multi-cloud software in a comprehensively supported offering.

The widespread availability of the joint solution over the next 90 days will allow both companies to target the rapidly growing hybrid multi-cloud market. The partnership can simplify and secure infrastructure modernisation for organisations through complementary technologies.

By integrating divergent product portfolios into a unified platform, Cisco and Nutanix hope to accelerate customers’ transition to hybrid multi-cloud. The partnership exemplifies how technology collaborations can comprehensively solve pressing challenges like complexity and sustainability.

However, successful customer adoption will depend on effective execution and clearly conveying the benefits of an integrated product compared to independent deployment. Cisco and Nutanix must demonstrate the advantages of joint innovation beyond what both vendors already provide.


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