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ConnectWise unveils major new developments at IT Nation Connect

Next Generation of ConnectWise unveiled with new Asio unified platform, launch of the next Automate, increased investments in cybersecurity, partner growth programs, and more.

ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers, today announced a series of innovative new product developments and programs—the future of RMM—all designed to help IT solution providers be better prepared to meet today’s most pressing challenges, from cyber threats to digital transformation.

Introducing Asio™, the Industry’s Most Modern, Unified Platform

Headlining today’s announcements at the company’s IT Nation Connect conference is Asio™, a modern and unified platform that provides infinite scalability, intelligent automation, and value-added reporting and insights. And ConnectWise’s modern engineering approach to the platform makes it possible to deliver rapid innovation to keep partners current, while its open APIs will offer extensibility and flexibility for those that need it. Asio also includes a single user interface, providing partners a better user experience and allowing them to easily manage end user access and run all aspects of their business, both technical and administrative, from a single pane of glass.

Asio was imagined to address the fact that IT solution providers no longer manage just physical and virtual endpoints, but users, cloud applications and infrastructure, IoT and more. ConnectWise can deliver automation and access for support in all these areas and has taken steps to ensure that its new platform has no limitations when it comes to customers or endpoints.

In addition, Asio will allow ConnectWise to easily remove duplicate engineering work that exists today and streamline the development cycle for all its products. With the ability to apply shared services across all products, duplicate work can be removed from the development flow, so valuable enhancements can be delivered to users much faster and across more products.

“These are challenging times for our industry,” said Jason Magee, CEO, ConnectWise. “IT solution providers are working through digital transformation, dealing with technology shifts at hyperscale speed and preparing for impending market consolidation, all while battling cyber criminals who threaten them and their customers. We know this, and we’ve been hard at work re-imagining how we can help IT solution providers meet these challenges head on and thrive. Everything we’re showcasing today – the new Asio platform, ConnectWise RMM™, our new business transformation programs, and more –are part of our commitment to deliver more innovation faster, invest in partner growth, and deliver a seamless partner experience.”

ConnectWise RMM

ConnectWise RMM is a new solution, intended as the next generation of Automate, built upon the Asio platform that combines the best of both worlds: out-of-the-box automation coupled with the robust automation IT solution providers need to deliver customised services to their customers. ConnectWise RMM aggregates both software and human elements, covers the spectrum of do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-you (DFY) delivery options, and integrates an intelligent automation engine. It’s a solution that reinvents how IT solution providers adopt, interact with and manage their RMM.

As security is the number one concern for IT solution providers, ConnectWise has prioritised the protection of the data, applications and infrastructure in both Asio and the next Automate, and invested heavily in proactive and preventative protections so partners can be confident that their data and systems are safe.

Cybersecurity & Information Security Investments

ConnectWise also unveiled its plans to expand and connect its cybersecurity offerings, including expanded products, SOC investments, and more. Now, all partners who wish to build cybersecurity practices now have access to the ConnectWise Partner Program, which equips partners to build and go-to-market with winning cybersecurity practices.

Modes Theory

Modes Theory, also announced today, is a new methodology to help partners identify and operationalise their businesses in alignment with this unique business objectives. Developed in partnership with partners, and tested by more than 300 partners to date, Modes and its associated resources are now available to the entire ConnectWise partner community. By identifying their “mode”—Startup Mode, Balance Builder Mode, Value Builder Mode and Empire Builder Mode—partners can refine their business approach based on desired outcomes.

ConnectWise Invent

Also announced today was an update to ConnectWise Invent, the company's official program for integration vendors in the TSP ecosystem that provides development support, readiness, certifications and go-to-market support, for partners in the Invent program.

As partner security is of the utmost importance to ConnectWise, the company has implemented added measures to ensure the integrations it is certifying are secure. The new program includes a security review of all integrations in addition to integration certification. Static code reviews are conducted by a third-party company for every integration certified through the Invent program, in addition to organisational risk assessments on all companies that ConnectWise works with through Invent.

ConnectWise Online Community

ConnectWise also announced that in the New Year, it will expand the IT Nation community to also include an online community dedicated to helping IT Nation Cohorts and TSPs engage with peers and product managers about ConnectWise products and services.

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