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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

CRN's Top 500 2021, Corsica makes the list again

MSP channels are always on the verge of taking in new challenges and bringing change to the IT sector. In a recent listing, CRN added Corsica to their MSP 500 list in the security tier. Corsica Technologies is not a stranger to being on this list; seeing it compete with leading MSP's simultaneously shows that they provide continuous, high-quality service as usual. They are now in the 100 best cybersecurity specialist in the Managed Service Provider (MSP).

CRN lists North Americas best-managed services providers each year, and with no exception, Corsica came along again by demonstrating results unlike any other. In a world dominated by technology, bringing up the most optimum solutions to businesses that results accordingly is no easy task. And protecting company and customers against cyber threats takes a lot of effort. Cyber threats are on high alert across the globe. Sole IT infrastructures are a fascinating field nonetheless. With skilled IT professionals and cybersecurity specialists, Corsica built up a team of great minds that believes in results. Corsica has been listed on the 500 lists four times in a row and twice in the top 100 security. Access One, Acuative, Avertium are also among the top names on the list.

Corsica is Microsoft's trusted partner with certifications from Cisco, CCNA, CISSSP, CGEIT, CompTIA, and many more. A team of 70+ engineers keep the lights on Corsica offices 24x7 with years of experience and providing clients with valuable results. According to CRN, especially this year, the 500 lists also took the Covid-19 and economic uncertainty alongside performance and took reps from everywhere. By keeping these in mind and hoping for more new technologies to arrive in 2021, these MSP's will be on the first train to utilize them. Though they will be in high demand, the product will be made available for businesses. After the SolarWinds hack, everyone is on their toes and dependency on MSP's increased.

Chief technology officer at Corsica, Brian Harmison, said: "We partner with clients to ensure all facets of their network are not only secure but optimised to help them grow."

As a brand of The Channel Company, CRN will keep highlighting stars in the MSP field enabling highlights continuously and effectively.


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