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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

CRN announces 2021 Annual Report Card winners to the Top-Grade Solution Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are crucial in IT and technology solutions for companies and businesses. For this reason, they deserve all the highlights bestowed upon them, and CRN managed to grade among the Top Annual Report Card Winners for Solution Providers of 2021. Twenty-four technology categories are selected for performance metrics in innovation, support, managed service and more.

The CRN Annual Report Card Winner is being celebrated for the 36th time across 24 categories of technology and such benefits that highlights industry peek insights. Networking, security, support, cloud-based service, physical device security, SMB network security, enterprise-level service, etc., are uses to nominate the vendors. And among them, cloud security company Sophos, cloud storage company Wasabi Technologies, for data protection and management: Datto, Scale Computing for edge computing, HPE for enterprise network storage, Arupa Networks for enterprise network infrastructure and a part of HPE were highlighted boldly.

Among the top five in technologies, Sophos came in first in the Annual Report Card (ARC) this year with a score of 89.6 overall in the categories we mentioned previously. Competitor of the platform is Check Point Software Technologies and Proofpoint. They were graded pretty closely as the winning title received 93.3 in product innovation, 91.3 in partnership, 85.5 in support and in managed and cloud service 87.6, it the scores helped lead with a great score. Check Point Software Technologies and Proofpoint earned a score of 83.5 and 82.9, respectively.

Led by Marty Falaro, Wasabi Technologies scored exceptionally on the ARC board, and with a band score of 85, they took the crown in the cloud storage technology category. They scored 90.0 for product innovation, 73.9 for support, 87.8 for managed and cloud service and 87.4 for partnership.

Wasabi Technologies scored 107.2 in the product innovation category for product quality and reliability, the highest score given on the ARC board for any vendors this year.

Datto won the first two technology categories in the ARC with a relatively close score to Barracuda. Datto and Barracuda scored 89.8 and 89.2, respectively, on average score.

Datto received 93.5 for innovation, 85.7 for managed and cloud services. For partnership, the company received 92.4 compared to Barracuda, which scored 102.3 for product quality and reliability, 89.1 for pre-sales support and cloud profit potential 91.8 overall.

Scale Computing had a competition with Nvidia in the latest ARC. The company got 92.5 as an overall score for fast-growing and emerging technology along with 95.8 in product innovation, 95.9 in partnership, 91.6 in support, and cloud and managed service, and the company received 86.2 overall.

As CRN prioritises MSP technologies mainly, this score made a difference on the listing pretty much on every scale.

Nvidia, the only competition here, received 86.2 as an overall score with a top score of 94.8 for “richness of product features/functionality” compared to Intel, which received only 79.8 overall. Competition here is high as both companies are tech giants and these services are a minor part of what they do. Nevertheless, the companies mentioned are high achievers.

Though CRN’s ARC listing does not affect the companies in their performance, customers most likely feel more confident in the services they use. Along with technological improvements, these companies are on the verge of providing high-grade solutions available on the market to their respected customers.


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