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CyCognito and BlueFort security partner to deliver enhanced External Attack Surface Management

BlueFort Security, the UK’s leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has signed a new partnership agreement with CyCognito, the first External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform that delivers a complete solution to quickly prioritise, investigate, and respond to potential security risks.

CyCognito is the only solution in the market that gives security teams an outside-in view into an organisation’s attack surface. Leveraging the latest in machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), the platform automatically discovers and attributes assets to a given company across the entire global internet, and then quickly tests those assets for security gaps—so that security teams can and prioritise and neutralise critical risks immediately. Under the terms of the agreement, CyCognito will become a key external attack surface discovery partner for BlueFort. This further expands BlueFort’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions which are built on carefully selected partnerships, insight, and expertise to deliver innovative, end to end IT security solutions to secure its customers’ environments.

The partnership will also see CyCognito External Attack Surface Management embedded as a key value-add offering within BlueFort Evolve; a cyber-focused services package, designed to support internal IT teams with enhanced support, additional incident response resources and specialist technical and professional services when required.

BlueFort Security puts vendors through a rigorous assessment framework before considering them for integration in its partner program. This is a demanding process for any IT security vendor and is designed to ensure that BlueFort offers only the very best cybersecurity solutions to its customers.

The external attack surface represents all an organisation's IT assets – including potential blind spots seen by an attacker looking from the outside of the corporate network. ESG’s recent Security Hygiene and Posture Management Report revealed cybersecurity teams are struggling to manage rapidly expanding internet-facing attack surfaces, particularly with the growth in cloud, software as a service (SaaS), internet of things (IoT) and digital supply chain. Nearly 7 in 10 cybersecurity professionals surveyed in the report stated their organisation had experienced a cyber-attack that started through an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed internet-facing asset.

The CyCognito platform performs continuous discovery, testing and vulnerability management. By scanning the global internet to discover and test an organisation’s entire digital attack surface, the CyCognito platform helps cybersecurity teams understand how attackers view their organisation and then prioritises what needs to be fixed first, integrating with and orchestrating existing workflows, and automatically validating remediation.

“Most organisations define their attack surface too narrowly and it often leaves them with blind spots that become the most attractive points of entry for attackers. It is simply not possible to protect an organisation’s attack surface without visibility and risk assessment of all your IT assets,” said Rob Gurzeev, CyCognito CEO and Co-founder.

“BlueFort security has an impressive pedigree and track record within cyber security,” added Rob Thatcher, Channel Director – EMEA at CyCognito. “The team’s technology-first approach, combined with deep technical excellence, makes BlueFort a perfect fit for CyCognito. This partnership demonstrates BlueFort’s ongoing dedication to bringing the next best-of breed technology solutions to market and will support CyCognito’s continued growth in the UK.”

Dave Henderson, CEO, Sales & Marketing at BlueFort Security commented, “Our research over the last year has shown an overwhelming percentage of CISOs consider their organisation is now at greater risk of a cybersecurity attack due to the transition to home working, cloud services, the accelerated shift to digital and the ongoing cyber skills gap. This combination of factors represents a perfect cybersecurity storm for UK organisations.”

“IT discovery is fast becoming the number one priority for CISOs. BlueFort’s partnership with CyCognito will provide a key platform to support customers with this endeavour. Most solutions only provide a narrow view of the external attack surface, which leads to blind spots and potential entry points for attackers. BlueFort selected CyCognito as it provides complete visibility and risk assessments for every one of an organisation’s IT assets. Combining this level of intelligence with our unique BlueFort Evolve customer perks package will give BlueFort’s customers the most comprehensive risk-based remediation and mitigation capabilities,” concluded Henderson.

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About CyCognito

CyCognito solves one of the most fundamental business problems in cybersecurity: seeing how attackers view your organization, where they are most likely to break in, what systems and assets are at risk and how you can eliminate the exposure. Founded by national intelligence agency veterans, CyCognito has a deep understanding of how attackers exploit blind spots and a path of least resistance. The Palo Alto-based company is funded by leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists, and its mission is to help organizations protect themselves from even the most sophisticated attackers. It does this with a category-defining, transformative platform that automates offensive cybersecurity operations to provide reconnaissance capabilities superior to those of attackers.

About BlueFort Security

BlueFort Security was founded in 2007 by Dave Henderson and Ian Jennings at a time when the market was awash with generalist IT providers. With an exploding cybersecurity market, the BlueFort Team spotted a gap in the market. They founded a cybersecurity specialist that offers a select portfolio of technologies, underpinned by BlueFort Evolve support, with highly flexible, easy to access award winning technical expertise.

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