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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Data Management Companies are cool too: Top 5 data management vendors MSPs might suggest

Data management may sound tedious, which is for a big part. But on the contrary, it has some pretty cool features. At Tech News Hub, we are going through some of them and differentiating what is remarkable about today's data management companies. This analysis is followed by The Channel Company's 2022 storage 100. Choose your data management provider from the top 5 data management vendors MSPs might suggest.

Data management companies are liable for data protection, ensuring life cycles, security, regularity, and safe access on the cloud, on-premises, at the edge, stored locally or in any of their combinations. Data solution providers give out broad insights for us to go through before choosing a management technology provider. After deep analysis, customer records, and feedback, we can easily conclude by selecting the best fit for the business.

Aparavi: Aparavi is an intelligent and automated platform that empowers organisations to mitigate risk and reduce costs for data storage. The company has a cloud-based platform integrated with an intelligence file management system, automation, consolidation of distributed data, and facilities.

The company is managed by Adrian Knapp, the Founder & CEO, and European CEO Gregor Bieler. Aparavi won many awards in the data management sectors, such as CRN's 2020, 2021, 2022 Tech Innovators 200, Big Data 100, Product of the Year 100, Stratus 2021 and many more. In 2021, the Aparavi platform became available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace for flawless data discovery, optimisation and migration features.

Cohesity: the next-generation data management provider Cohesity is a household name for service providers with instant recovery and backup functionalities. Mohit Aron, founder and CEO, aims to simplify data management for modern enterprises. Mohit brought his skills from working with Google on distributed file systems and gradually became a leading software-defined solution for hyper-convergence.

The AI-powered data solution provider focuses on Helio's multi-cloud platform that provides top-notch data management services and a software-defined mile and object services. Organisations looking for a service giving flexibility and data management can choose Cohesity without looking anywhere else. Cohesity has large investors, including HPE, AWS and Cisco.

Diamanti: with a complete life-cycle management platform for Kubernetes and container-based workflow, Diamanti can be wise. Having plenty of options gives organisations the benefit of choosing a service that fits their goal. If a container-based workflow your company is looking for, Diamanti could be a terrific choice.

The intelligent architecture with networking, storage, low latency, NVMe (SSD) storage, plunged-play networking and open-source Kubernetes support brought Diamanti on our top 5 data management vendors MSPs might suggest.

Hammerspace: Hammerspace is a global data environment for hybrid cloud and multi-data centre NAS. The policy-driven file granular mobility and replication services made Hammerspace a top choice from MSPs for data management. Jeremy Smith, CTO of Jellyfish Pictures, said it is "easy to deploy in the cloud," It makes sense if we think of multi-cloud infrastructure integrated with data orchestration capabilities.

CEO David Flynn managed Hammerspace and brought it across data centres such as AWS, Azure, and GCS for metadata replication. This means it doesn't matter what happens to the file. A genuine copy is always there, kept safe for disaster recovery.

LucidLink: LucidLink offers cloud-native NAS technology along with superior data management technology. LucidLink is the go-to for many organisations with performance, cloud application deployment, and high workload on the table.

One of the exciting fiats of LucidLink is its endpoint and SaaS with no virtual or physical appliance. There is no direct sync or download of data from the cloud but only makes them available in typical use cases. LucidLink is co-founded by Peter Thompson, who is also the CEO.

The options are plenty, and we could make a list as lengthy as possible. But that won't make a fair listing as we only chose what is suggested chiefly by MSPs.


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