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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Datto begins shipping EDR

Datto has been steadily expanding its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions since its acquisition by Kaseya and an Endpoint Detection and Response system is its newest addition.

“Standard security tools aren’t enough anymore,” said Chris McKie, the company’s vice president of product marketing for security and networking solutions. “Threat actors have found ways to circumvent traditional security measures making EDR tools more important than ever for catching suspicious activity and keeping businesses safe from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.”

According to McKie, the product is the perfect solution for MSPs that lack adequate in-house security expertise. The Datto EDR uses patented deep memory analysis to detect threats and then maps the threats to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to provide users with more information about the threat including the dangers they pose. The solution then lets users execute remediation measures such as isolating hosts, terminating processes, and deleting files, all from within the same dashboard that displays alerts.

All this can be done by the average channel pro with no special security skills.

MSPs using Datto RMM can manage, deploy, and operate Datto EDR from within the remote monitoring and management solution they use to view and address other technical issues.

The solution can also be integrated with Kaseya One, a cross-product hub developed by Kaseya for viewing invoices, getting support, and other operational tasks.

Datto first talked about adding an EDR solution to its IT offerings during the Dattocon Partner event in September. Another new solution that was teased during the event was a Secure access service edge (SASE).

With global spending on EDR solutions predicted to grow at annual compound growth rate of 25% in the next four years, Datto’s timing for the release is perfect.

But they are not alone in the market. Acronis also launched an EDR and a PSA (Professional Service Automation) solution to join a list of growing companies looking to have a piece of the billion dollar industry.


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