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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Dell upgrades MDR offering and teams up with CrowdStrike

Dell Technologies has added new features to its managed detection and response (MDR) offering and relaunched it as MDR Pro Plus. Some of the added features include vulnerability management, penetration testing, managed security awareness training, and incident recovery care.

In a press briefing, the company said that security contains to be a top priority for them and they are continuously looking for new ways to strengthen their products.

The tagline for the new offering is “Prevent, Respond, Recover” to summarise the completeness of the MDR solution. According to Dell officials, MDR Pro Plus blocks attack surfaces and accelerates recovery. It will be especially useful for mid-size businesses and large enterprises that lack adequate in-house security experts.

This is just one of a series of moves by Dell to boost its security offerings. In another move, Dell has added CrowdStrike Falcon to its SafeGuard and Response portfolio. With this collaboration, Dell will benefit from improved security controls across endpoints, networks, and clouds.

Dell has also launched the Product Success Accelerator (PSX) for Cyber Recovery, a service that simplifies recovery from a cyber incident by providing clearly defined tasks and workstreams for organisations to follow.

PSX for Cyber Recovery helps businesses with penetration testing and provides them with managed security awareness training and guides to identify phishing and other malware.

There are three levels of assistance available with PSX for Cyber Recovery.

  1. Ready - Planning workshops, Dell Cyber Recovery Vault installation and configuration, a runbook, success plan, and cybersecurity skills training

  2. Optimize - Quarterly vault checks, recommendations, patches, updates, and policies, plus assisted restore test simulations

  3. Operate - Operational assistance with monitoring and activity investigations, begin remediation action, and provide support after a cyberattack

At the moment, PSX for Cyber recovery is only available in North America but MDR Pro Plus can be accessed globally. Both solutions are being offered by Dell directly and through channel partners.

The upgraded SafeGuard and Response solution is also available globally.


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