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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

ESET launches New Cloud and XDR Solutions for MSPs

ESET has announced the launch of the Eset Inspect Cloud for MSPs to be included in the ESET PROTECT Platform. With this new addition, MSPs can now use the ESET PROTECT Platform as an XDR solution with enterprise-grade security and risk management capabilities including advanced threat hunting, incident response, full network visibility, and cloud-based threat defence just to mention a few.

The ESET Inspect Cloud for MSPs is already available and comes just six months after ESET launched the initial enterprise-focused edition of the product.

The news were also accompanied by announcements by the company to launch an all-new integration plugin for the Kaseya VSA RMM platform to help technicians deploy, manage, and report on ESET products from within the same console they use to perform other administrative tasks. ESET already had plugins for other major RMM and PSA players including ConnectWise, Datto, N-able, and NinjaOne and have confirmed that additional RMM and PSA integrations are being developed.

These two announcements coupled with ESET’s expansion of its EDR AND XDR solutions to offer native ARM support for macOS devices is a strategic move by the company to tap into the growing MSP market.

“MSPs environments are complex – supporting a wide range of customers across a variety of industries. The ESET PROTECT Platform provides a unified ecosystem with a single pane of glass to view, manage and secure business customers from,” said Bob Bonneau, Country Manager for Canada at ESET.

The ESET Inspect Cloud features a pay-as-you-go pricing model where usage fees are calculated daily and billed monthly, and according to Ryan Grant, vice president of sales for ESET North America, this makes the solution the perfect offering for MSPs.

“We believe that’s unique to our offering and allows our MSPs to have a lot of flexibility,” Grant said.

The next step for ESET is to now add multi-tenancy to what is currently a single-tenant interface. “It’s actually right around the corner, and I would say you’ll be hearing from us very, very shortly on that piece,” Grant said.


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