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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

F5 launches lnfrastructure security for decentralised Cloud applications

Organisations of all sizes and industries are in the midst of efforts to simplify, secure and innovate application-based digital experiences. Many are faced with the challenge of managing distributed and hybrid application infrastructures consisting of workloads in the public cloud and at the edge.

F5, a Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection released a cloud workload protection solution that extends application and protection to cloud-based infrastructures. Application Programming Interface (API) is the latest addition to F5's Distributed Cloud Services portfolio of cloud-based SaaS application security and delivery services based on technology obtained through the Distributed Cloud AIP brings deep collection and powerful detection to cloud-based workloads, and combined with F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP's internal application and API protection offers comprehensive access to end-to-end security threats between applications, APIs and the cloud-based infrastructures they run on.

Organisations manage a complex mix of hybrid and multi-cloud application architectures that can slow the pace of digital innovation and create downstream security risks.

Most organisations now deploy microservices-based applications on cloud-based infrastructure and connect them through APIs. This approach to application development can radically accelerate innovation and reduce overall costs. Intruders use cloud service vulnerabilities or stolen keys to gain access to cloud-based resources, where they can freely roam the infrastructure, inject malware, perform cryptography or access sensitive data.

F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection addresses these challenges in the following ways:

1. A combination of rules and machine learning detects threats in real time across the entire infrastructure stack. Using behavioural detection, AIP can detect internal, external threats and data risks in modern applications.

2. Identifies and reports abnormal behaviours affecting workload so that workgroups are notified of potentially harmful activity that may require further action to prevent or correct.

3. F5 Distributed Cloud AIP Managed Security Services has an always on security operations centre team that identifies, classifies and investigates threats and makes remedial recommendations on behalf of clients.

4. F5 Distributed Cloud AIP Insights, which provides customised platform analysis and ongoing training from F5 cloud security experts to help customers build a stronger cloud SecOps strategy and better achieve their goals.

Conclusively, Augmenting existing signature and behaviour-based threat detection capabilities are used with advanced telemetry and post-use activity detection with insights applied at the application and cloud infrastructure levels. However, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at the infrastructure level leave these applications open to attacks from both internal and external bad actors.


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