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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Facebook Ads are getting out of control

Ads are all around us and it is hard to miss for someone using the internet daily even for casual use of social media. Facebook is no different. There are tons of ads crawling on every page. Sometimes it gets really annoying for some users. There are various types of ads like video, banner, and even promoted ads. We know it is one of the main sources to make money and the business is huge.

If you ever searched for a specific product page, group on Facebook, you may get ads relevant to the search result. User data gets tracked by hard-coded AI and it tracks user preferences, what a user clicks on. And even on a group or page, a user spends the most time on.

Ads during watching a video on Facebook is the most annoying one according to the community feedback all around. Even if you are watching the video at 20% volume, the video ad pushes its ad on full volume. While one or two can be put up with but there is no limitation.

Facebook took drastic measures to remove political ads during the US Presidential campaign. Mark Zuckerberg made a statement to stop political or election-related posts flooding people’s homepage. It was a good move indeed.

Information is power in the era of technology and whoever controls information handles more power over the general population. Facebook CEO confirmed that they have no intention to sell personal data to third party companies. API and AI have come a long way in this sector to help to disable irreverent ads to people.

More than two billion people actively use Facebook every day. This is huge for companies to market their products. Ad agencies or telemarketing programs have benefits but everything got surpassed by huge social network platforms. Instagram is one of the biggest companies owned by Facebook. WhatsApp still remains ad-free and is promised to stay that way.

Ad blockers are a decent way to stop ads on sites. Some sites rely on ads and it’s a necessity. While using Facebook or messenger app, there is no way to use an ad blocker as an extension. Google DNS helps prevent ads slightly as all of the hosts bypass through it.

Facebook ads are now more personalized than ever. We don’t see any adult or irreverent ads anymore. A few other banned categories are sensational content, misinformation, drugs or tobacco related products, vaccines, etc.

Promoting business or product on social media is very tempting and at the same time gives satisfactory results by a good reach. But too many ads are a hassle nonetheless.


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