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Flox appoints experiential marketing pioneer Brian Diamond as North America CEO

Metaverse virtual events platform Flox has appointed Brian Diamond as North American CEO to lead the business’ US expansion. Diamond joins from his position as a leading business advisor and investor - in start-ups and scale-ups across multiple categories - to propel Flox US through its next stage of growth.

Flox’s 3D virtual platform offers the first full-feature ‘metaverse’ experience to help create more human virtual and hybrid live events for business, HR, marketing and events leaders across all industries for up to 25,000 participants.

Diamond was previously Founder and CEO of both The Visionary Group, an award winning and top US experiential agency, and White Walls Fabrication, a manufacturing behemoth. An early pioneer of the concept of ‘experiential marketing’ - a creative twist on event production and event marketing - Diamond successfully scaled the business to over 150 staff, boasting a client list featuring some of the biggest companies in the world - Microsoft, Google, Meta, Amazon, Nettflix and Warner Bros. He joins Flox during this period of accelerated growth to lead its North American operations and customer success teams, to help scale the business and shape innovation strategies.

Flox is a major development in the metaverse virtual events market, and the platform marks an unrecognisable leap from video conferencing solutions. Forward thinking business leaders can at last switch up their in-person events for a more sustainable and immersive experience, with proven return on investment and calculable CO2 savings. Based on 3,000 attendees of a physical event, an equivalent global Flox virtual event for a global brand would have saved 338 metric tonnes of CO2 and 85% of the costs of hosting the event in person.

Founded in 2022 by UK co-founders, Jaie Genadt and Alistair Bryan, Flox has seen explosive growth and investment within the last 12 months. With existing Fortune 500 customers in the UK and North America, such as beverage multinational Molson Coors, Flox’ roster of clients is growing across all industries, with particular interest from the FMCG, retail, financial services and tech sectors.

The global virtual events market is projected to reach USD 617.33 billion by 2030 and Flox is leading the field to deliver a remarkable metaverse experience that will benefit businesses, citizens and the environment.

Flox co-founder Alistair Bryan said: "It was only fitting to bring on board the highest caliber leader, to take the US strategic lead in this niche innovative business. Brian’s reputation and tenacity within the industry made him the clear frontrunner to take on the responsibility of almost half the market share inside this virtual experience business. Brian has an enviable leadership skillset to spearhead the North American efforts, steering the business and building the Flox brand. In addition to Brian’s strategic and operational credentials, his drive to build this dynamic sector that the entire globe is starting to embrace will deliver exceptional customer events.”

Brian Diamond, North America CEO at Flox said: “It’s such an exciting time to be joining Flox and I’m looking forward to building a thriving team of innovators that will push the boundaries of what’s possible using the powerful Flox platform. I believe the stars were aligned when I met Jaie and Alistair - I was seeking a partnership role where we would mutually benefit from my decades of experiential marketing experience and the potential capabilities within this expanding sector.

“There’s a time and a place for in-person events, but in the digital era, absorbing information in a creative way more than matters. Our joint ambition is to offer opportunities to build communities using metaverse technology, giving individuals, teams and organisations something they’ve never had. Truly immersive, creative and engaging 3D meetings across a wide range of industry applications that enable knowledge building, capturing and sharing for remarkable outcomes.

“This means offering events which are scaled to entire teams for the first time. More diverse and inclusive events. Leaders will be able to make more educated sales decisions and measure the real ROI of their organisation’s events. Our focus on scalability, measurability, sustainability, inclusion and safety offers truly immersive experiences at a fraction of the cost of physical experiences to budgets and to the environment. My personal objective is to assist businesses in refocusing on why we are important and why we are here to stay in a rapidly evolving digital landscape."

About Flox

Virtual events platform, Flox, offers event managers, organisations and brands a three-dimensional web - or ‘metaverse’- experience to help create the most human virtual and hybrid live events that revolutionise the way we do business. The powerful, easy-to-use and immersive platform allows participants to access a virtual 3D event experience where information can be easily experienced, captured, and shared for boundless collaboration, in limitless languages.

Co-founded in the UK by advertising and digital events leaders, Alistair Bryan and Jaie Genadt in 2022, Flox’s diverse and impressive client portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies and organisations across industries including retail, tech, finance, energy, government, pharma, education, and many more. Use cases include conferences, summits, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, networking events, internal communications and concerts and performances, The virtual events specialist is proud to be a principal member of the Metaverse Standards Forum and a Microsoft partner.

Flox offers bespoke design using a powerful combination of human tech experts and the latest technologies. It enables clients to simplify and advance their events strategies and realize the power of digital communication – all while meeting their ESG objectives. Fully scalable, Flox can save over 85% of the cost of hosting an in-person event and minimise the CO2 impact of business events, as well as improve diversity and inclusion in events.


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