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Glasswall to bring its CDR Solutions to Japanese market

Glasswall announces exclusive distribution agreement with Nihon Cyber Defence to bring its CDR Solutions to Japanese market. Delivering proactive defence against file-based cybersecurity threats across government and enterprise networks.

Glasswall, a cybersecurity company that offers instant protection against file-based threats with Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Nihon Cyber Defence (NCD), a leading Japanese cybersecurity specialist. The partnership will enable public and private sector organizations in Japan to benefit from proactive protection against a growing range of sophisticated threats.

Tokyo-headquartered NCD provides robust, intelligence-driven cyber defence solutions, services and support to governments, businesses and public sector organizations to proactively identify and protect them from all forms of cyberattack designed to cause financial, political or social disruption. Managed via its recently launched Premier Partner Program, Glasswall will work with NCD and its partner network in Japan to implement and support CDR solutions and deliver protection across a variety of use cases.

Glasswall CDR offers proactive protection from file-based threats. In contrast to detection-based security, such as antivirus and sandboxing, that must play catch up with new threats, Glasswall CDR instantly cleans and rebuilds every file to match its ‘known good’ industry specification – automatically removing potential threats. This simple approach ensures every document entering the organization is safe, without sacrificing productivity.

Commenting on the announcement, Cartan McLaughlin, CEO of NCD, said: “We are always looking to add unique, disruptive technologies to our solutions portfolio, and Glasswall’s CDR products will enable our customers to proactively address the risks posed by file-based threats. We have been extremely impressed by both the capabilities of Glasswall CDR and their management team, who are committed to the success of this partnership and helping organizations here to deliver better cybersecurity protection.”

“Nihon Cyber Defence has built a superb reputation in Japan and surrounding region for delivering proven and effective cybersecurity protection across public and private sectors alike,” said Danny Lopez, CEO, Glasswall. “With file-based threats increasing faster than ever, this partnership will enable organizations across the country to implement a simple, proven approach that won’t sacrifice productivity.”

“With increasing sophistication of file-based threats, malicious attachments remain a key attack vector for many forms of cyberattack. Effective user education, training and resilient internal processes can prevent many visible attacks. However, technology has a part to play, and good effective technical solutions can help reduce the risk to hard-pressed workers and are a really important part of everyday cyber defence,” said Ciaran Martin, non-executive director and senior executive advisor for NCD.


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