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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Google upgrades business class emails from general email subscriptions

Google unveils paid Gmail upgrade option for small businesses. It is for existing Gmail accounts that were meant for personal use. For a long time, Gmail accounts created for personal use were used by businesses and such, but the new policy will add existing features and benefits with the paid subscription.

Google offers services in various niche. Some are free and some are not. It’s because providing those services cost more money than they can make from ad revenue and the company wants more. More is better in this case, that’s our guess! Google's $150 billion advertising networks may be a hefty chunk but they want to expand upon it. More business means more money and at the same time, opportunities for new services arise. Alphabet Inc. is the parent of Google and most of the Google products. It is a decision from higher authority to find out other sources of revenue rather than depending on ad revenue most of the time. As ad revenue grew so vastly, the business intercom also needs a change. This forced the company to bring change in policies regarding google services. We saw an integration of office suits-like product set from Google. Now the company unveiled an option for small businesses. According to Reuters, business Gmail accounts will have access to greater calendaring. It will also include a newsletter, video chat, and obvious email support.

The business “Starter” package will start at $6/month. It is suitable for one user only.

We saw google drive and photos giving up a combined 15 GB of free storage previously. But the google photos will shut down on June 1. The best guess is, this storage will benefit the business accounts. The package will also provide custom and secure business email. With 100 participants in video chat and 30 GB cloud storage. A step ahead is the business standard package with $12/month. With a 150-participant slot and meeting recording feature, it also includes 2 TB of cloud storage. The workspace individual accounts will start with a temporary $2 discount. Subscription services like YouTube and Google photos will be available for the accounts. There is also a business plus and enterprise edition with 250 participants in a video chat slot. The plus edition has 5 TB cloud storage which is more than enough for a small-scale business. Just in case it’s not, then the enterprise edition will suffice with unlimited cloud storage. Business plus starts at $18/month/user. Plans include enhanced security and management controls. Advanced endpoint management is also included. Which is making the plans lucrative for business owners.

According to Javier Soltero, VP of Google Workspace told that photos, business cards, and work vehicles are repeatedly being stored and transferred via regular Gmail accounts which were only meant for personal use. They are ignoring the benefits coming with business-suited subscriptions. This is why they need to remind themselves “of the sheer number of people using consumer products” and that too to run businesses.

On the first go, the program will launch in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Japan. Upgrade will highly benefit appointment bookings and newsletter production. Previously these services were on different platforms and it not difficult to achieve but placed closely will surely prompt great usage.

Facilities with the subscription upgrade will not only benefit business class Gmail users alongside the personal account. Free and paid users will get the same set of chat and services. It will also help implement other future integration in between the user classes and there is more feature yet to come. As we know Google have a wide variety of services. Even the files stored in the drive will now have different encryption, only authenticatable by the user. Google itself will not have permission to encrypt them. Airbus SE is an early adopter of the Google workspace business class mails.


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