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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Google adds new features to Microsoft Defender to Cloud and promises improved multi-cloud visibility

Microsoft has unveiled a series of enhancements for businesses using Microsoft Defender for Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and introduced improved visibility features for multi-cloud clients.

Starting August 15th, companies leveraging Defender for Cloud on Google Cloud will have access to advanced features of Microsoft Defender Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

These improvements empower businesses with a unified contextual risk view, security graph, and analysis capabilities to manage security postures across various environments. These include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, GCP, and hybrid setups. The aim is to provide better protection against breaches in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

The new capabilities for GCP encompass sensitive data discovery features for GCP Cloud Storage. They facilitate oversight of GCP Cloud storage buckets, offering insights into sensitive information, graphs, and data security posture analysis.

Microsoft has also unrolled a couple of other new releases and product updates, such as the general availability of Malware Scanning in Microsoft Defender for Storage. This offers optimised malware detection in Azure Blob Storage for automatic scanning of uploaded content.

The scan identifies polymorphic malware and promptly notifies relevant security personnel about malicious files for action. Each scan generates contextual information sent to Defender for Cloud for monitoring. In addition, the scanning process is agentless to ensure data remains in its uploaded position without retention or movement.

Beginning September 1st, IT teams can use this service for $0.15 (£0.12) per GB scanned.

Moreover, Microsoft Intune, an endpoint management solution, now enables administrators to deploy security settings updates to all devices connected to Defender for Endpoint within their organisation.

Microsoft has also made vulnerability assessments for containers in Defender CSPM generally available. This service allows businesses to manage and safeguard their container environment using agentless vulnerability detection and categorisation. It generates daily reports on container vulnerabilities, offering risk assessments and calculations of attack paths. This aids security teams in determining the most critical risks.

Defender Vulnerability Management, providing ongoing threat oversight and assistance with remediation efforts, is now available as a standalone service. Initially, an add-on for Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 and Microsoft 365 E5 customers, this new standalone version is available for preview. It could be particularly beneficial for companies with expanded networks incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud has supported Google Cloud since February 2022. It is the first cloud provider to introduce a security management console to major cloud platforms in the Western world.


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