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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Google and Meta are going through the largest advertising revenue stream despite supply chain issues

The advertising channels for both Google and Meta (Facebook) are

going through tremendous growth, and the revenue stream is likely to break all previous records. The global adverting industry may continue its streak in 2022 as more brands and businesses rely heavily on search engines and social media.

The two-industry ad forecast released on Monday said their platform and programs reached more customers than anyone else in the pandemic. Alphabet Inc’s Google social media giant Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O) had the potential with a vast customer base like regular class people who were having the most challenging time in the pandemic. Reaching them was a huge plus point as the advertising channels pre-paid for the service, and it does not go in vain.

When the worldwide supply chain was marked for disruption, it delayed product delivery. From shelves to customers door was a complex process that required many stoppages and checking’s or we can say workforce, which was not abundant as previous times or today’s previous times or today. Advertising channels feared they would get a negative impact for advertising their product but not reaching customers in time.

Even the privacy crackdown on Apple was disrupted due to the unfortunate events COVID-19 brought. The supply chain disruptions delayed Apple products and even a new generation of products. GroupM sent a predicational forecast on global advertising investment, which is growing at a phenomenal rate. 22.5 per cent growth than the previous year in investment is a considerable growth if we compare billions in advertising investment.

As more and more companies are coming online, they are setting up advertisement contracts with MSPs, digital marketers and overall depending on top internet giants to reach more customers.

Zenith saw an estimated revenue of 15.6 per cent, and they surpassed greater than expected. During the UBS Monday conference, Wiser said that it is ‘possibly the fastest-growing year ever in terms of the advertising industry.

Reports predicted estimated 2022 ad investment would get another bump by 9 per cent. The fastest-growing companies to shine through the rest are Alphabets Inc’s Google and Meta’s Facebook. Though European antitrust laws taste these companies contentiously, the revenue margin is not taking a makable hit.

Markets such as Walmart reach directly to customers, and it is essential customers know what products are in stock. Walmart, Target, and Kroger rapidly expand their business by allowing brands with customer data. Filtering products and keeping regular sellable products on shelves guarantee minimum wastage of the company’s product concentration.

The data supply method was responsible for 47 per cent of growth in 2021. It translates to $77 billion in revenue, expected to reach $143 billion by 2024. Zenith compiled these data from both marketers and companies perspectives.

According to Forbes, Google received a record of $65.1 billion in revenue in advisement during the third quarter of 2021, which later exceeded 43.2 per cent gain ($53.1 billion).

While other businesses suffered in the lockdowns, many lost investments in their primary business, and stock prices dropped at a shocking rate; top tech companies saw the opposite effect.

Companies that were already in the process of going online or setup business with advertisement agencies saw minimum loss before gradually picking up pace with the revenue stream.

Googles $150 billion advertisement business supports millions of content creators and opportunists who received a piece of the pie. On the other hand, social media revenue was 85 per cent of the total investment just in the US. Mobile advertisement on social media amounted to $40.35 billion. Within next year this figure is estimated to grow 18.22 per cent ($47.71 billion).

Ad agency GroupM’s global president of business intelligence Brian Wieser said newer businesses were much interested in advertisement and making the initial entrance to stay in front of the customers.


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