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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Google Brain Pioneer Andrew Ng raising $57 million for Landing AI startup

Google has pioneered technological advancement for more than a decade and now keeping a supporting role on the side. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning are some of the best technology we have today and special thanks to Google for lifting these projects. Today we are sharing the mastermind behind Google Brain Andrew Ng and news related to his startup. Initial fundraising received $57 million to support the startup.

Landing AI is an artificial intelligence company on the core founded 2017 in Palo Alto. The company is developing computer vision tools for mass manufacturing companies. Manufacturers can use their devices to personalise and deploy their visual inspection software.

US industrial tools manufacturer Stanley Black & Decker, Foxconn - Taiwanese electronics manufacturers became the first landing AI customers batch. The fundraising was led by McRock Capital, where Intel Capital and Samsung Catalyst fund participated. Series A funding took place, and along with them, many insight partners also attended. The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board was also present, where the company raised $57 million as an initial startup fund.

Google Brain research lab founder and former chief scientist of Baidu Andrew Ng is a pioneer in artificial intelligence. A few years ago, it was in prototype, but there was no clear idea of how things will execute—Google, along with the big names in high-end computing, researched and developed AI. AI today is more competent than humans in playing Chess, AlphaGo and can even drive better than humans. As we are still in the early stage, what lies in the future is still unknown. But we can confidently say it's going to be very interesting.

Though Landing AI did not disclose its total evaluation, the startup fund will surely boost its potential. Landing AI currently employs 75 people, and the proceeds will be in use among them. Also, the company is looking to hire more data scientists to invest in its engineering, sales, product and marketing teams.

Google's deep learning research group grew from a few experts to thousands of employees under Andrew Ng's led as the co-founder of Google Brain. Andrew co-founded Coursera Inc. too, which is an online learning platform similar to Udemy.

Computer vision is one of the most exciting technologies to read data from digital images, camera sensors and videos. There are already products up by Google that can read the text of a language and translate it accurately to another. Tesla's auto-driving cars, reading its surroundings and making a safe passage for the vehicle result from computer vision and artificial intelligence. It can also identify semiconductor defects, dents in automotive, and similar technical tasks that are too complex to handle with a human hand.

Andrew said, "we read in the news and hear the PR buzz about AI supposedly transforming a lot of things." Additionally, he is "not seeing much of this realised yet." Of course, marketing and PR can make any news blow higher than it already deserves but talking about the technology he and his team developed frankly was a genuine gesture. Currently, Landing AI is working on data validation, complex defect detection and classification, quickly modifying/expanding AI/ deep learning solutions, root cause analysis, etc. For the automotive industry, glass inspection, asset-based monitoring, weld inspections are on the way.

Electronics, biotech, pharmaceutical, agriculture, retail, and telecommunication will benefit from computer vision. Over the last decade, AI startups have been gaining much attention, raising billions each year. Managing Director at Insight Partners, George Mathew, said: "it is expected to be a $300 billion market by 2023." He also said: "the opportunity and need for Landing AI is only exploding." Andrew is planning to expand the team from 75 to 150 quickly to start chalking numbers.


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