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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Google Cloud announces launch of New Cloud Region in Mexico

Google Cloud has revealed that plans are underway to establish its first cloud region in Mexico. The new data centre will be the company’s third in Latin America with the other two located in Santiago, Chile and Sao Paolo, Brazil. The company has a total of 34 cloud regions all over the world currently.

Google says the move is aimed at helping meet increased demand for cloud services around the world. And, building the data centre in Mexico, will ensure that more companies benefit from high-performance and low latency cloud services.

For local companies, having a data centre within their boundaries will help them achieve data sovereignty and make it easier for them to comply with local data standards and regulations including specific data storage requirements.

The local IT experts are hoping that their government and the public sector can take advantage of the now readily available services to improve the delivery of services to residents.

“The cloud region in Mexico will unlock new possibilities for the use of cloud technologies by public sector organisations in the country,” said Juan Carlos Sarmiento Tovilla, director general of information systems at the Federal Court of Administrative Justice. “Different public entities would benefit from interoperating in an efficient and secure way, facilitating access to computing power and information technologies.”

Carlos also believes that the development of the data centre will help Mexico create a precedence for other Spanish-speaking nations.

“Computer developments in Mexico are highly specialised so they can become important references for other Spanish-speaking countries,” he said.

With this announcement, Google became the last of the top 3 cloud service providers to declare their intention to build cloud regions in the country.

Microsoft was the first to reveal its plans in 2020 although it’s yet to open. Earlier this year, AWS also announced plans to establish a local zone in the city of Querétaro. A local zone is a small data centre created to bring cloud services closer to certain geographical locations.

The new Google Cloud region is part of a 5-year project announced by Google in which the company has pledged to pump $1.2 billion into four areas that it believes can help the Latin American region grow exponentially.

These four areas are digital infrastructure, digital skills, entrepreneurship, and inclusive, sustainable communities.

We are yet to establish exactly where in Mexico Google plans to build its data centre.

The company also noted that the cloud region is just the latest of their efforts to help facilitate the digital transformation of Mexican organisations.

Some of its other initiatives include building a support centre for local and global companies last year and opening a delivery centre. It has also expanded its team in Monterrey to support the local ecosystem.


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