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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Google Cloud uses creativity and innovation by using GenAI to change the place of work

Google Cloud and Box, a unified content management platform designed to assist businesses in handling content throughout its lifecycle and integrating top-notch applications, have strengthened their collaboration to revolutionize enterprise work with GenAI.

Using Vertex AI, Box will develop innovative GenAI features targeted at facilitating the efficient processing and analysis of data stored in the Box Content Cloud. Furthermore, Box will include Google Cloud's advanced large-language models (LLMs) into Box AI, which will be powered by Vertex AI.

Through Box AI, customers can automatically categorize and tag documents on a large scale, establish metadata templates for extracting data tailored to specific use cases, populate these predefined metadata templates, and seamlessly integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This enables them to identify and safeguard vital information and extract metadata in various languages.

As part of this partnership, Box is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, simplifying the acquisition of Box's content management platform for customers using Google Cloud infrastructure. With the Box app, customers can enjoy benefits such as shortened procurement cycles, consolidated Google Cloud billing, and cost savings in comparison to existing Google Cloud commitments when making purchases through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, stated, "GenAI has the potential to streamline some of the most time-consuming processes that enterprises face today, such as manual data entry and analysis."

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, emphasized, "Enterprises today seek strategic technology platforms that can enhance productivity and efficiency. Google Cloud is a vital partner that assists us in serving our global customers. This deepened partnership shows our mutual dedication to delivering solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology, transforming how users interact intelligently with their content and revolutionizing business operations in the AI-first era."

The partnership between Google Cloud and Box, driven by GenAI and advanced technologies, is aimed to transform how enterprises manage content, making it more efficient and productive while streamlining various processes.


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