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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Google has unwelcome guests from Apple's executive chair: Apple-Google antitrust battle continues

Tech giants have trouble maintaining regulatory follow-ups as both the US and the UK are adding new rules to protect citizen data. Europe is a step ahead when it comes to citizen data protection. An example could be seen in a recent event where Meta threatened to close their services if data restrictions were not lifted. In response, misters said, "life is good without Facebook."

A similar batch of peculiar events is ongoing among two trillion-dollar tech companies. A lawyer on Apple's side reported Google breaking of antitrust law in its search engine business. Google itself develops the search engine's indexing query, and even though the process is automated, the best content ranks first.

There is also an option to pay for service that helps to rank. Another source which is the largest source of revenue is the advertisement sector. Alphabet's Google and YouTube, being the two most significant search engines globally, gather billions of dollars each year just from advertisement funds.

According to Reuters, The Justice Department wants to depose Apple's top executives for a trial with Alphabet Inc. Apple (APPL.O) has a strict policy when it comes to data sharing, and even they sent reports against the US and UK government facilities as they wanted Apple to co-operate in terms of data sharing. Google's (GOOGL.O) failure to comply with the antitrust policy as the biggest search engine on the planet means another payday for the regulatory board.

The Justice Department accused Google of paying billions to Apple, Samsung and other vendors to keep the default search engine like google. It goes against business competition policy, even though we are now comfortable using Google Search Engine as the default one. Bing, Yahoo, Edge all can utilise other search platforms, but a considerable sum is paid to keep Google top of the chart. Even Apple, as independent as they are in terms of innovation and digital transformation, don't hesitate to make a payment and comply with Google's terms.

Steven Sunshine will be speaking for Apple, and he was the one calling out "Apple's most senior executives" to depose a trial against Google. In October 2020, the US Justice Department first initiated the filing against google for dominating the market and flexing its resources to remove competition. The date of the trial was pre-set on 12 September 2023.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the US Justice Department is keen on working with other attorneys who launched a variety of instigations agent tech giants. Tech giants are too vast to control via a single government body, and they have expensive lawyers.

So, to cope with the issue, government bodies are on their way to removing the market dominance. Previously we shared details about the competitive market and how drastically it can affect the economy. Less competition means newer businesses have next to no chance to compete, a lack of vacancies and new products—all in all, a dangerous ecosystem, making an unsustainable environment for literally everyone.

From the Google side of things, it's all advanced tactics and ethics as they have the resources to burn. To stay on top of the game in the tech world, a vast amount of resources surely helps, and it reflects on Googles' ideology.

Similar proceedings go to their smartphone OS Android. Another manufacturer gives a more solidified experience than the original owners in terms of facilities, functionalities, pricing and future-proofing capability. Their new Pixel 6 lineup says it all, as the same OS used by Samsung far exceeds expectations and with fewer bugs.

There is no question on Google's services and how top-notch they are, but paying billions to keep their search engine on other vendor profiles breaks regulatory rules made manually for these occasions specifically.

Finally, we may see some action against this motive and Apple, Samsung and other vendors may use their version of the search engine or choose Google without making a payment. As a result, they may use Google's feature again, but they will pay a subscription fee this time.


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