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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Google launches a new cloud location in Germany

The Giant Internet Search engine "Google" is focusing on improving its services in Germany's online world. Google is planning to spend a huge investment of around $1.08 billion by 2030 to make this happen. Google has just unveiled its brand-new location *The Berlin-Brandenburg region".This addition to Google's cloud services marks their dedication to delivering top-notch offerings to a diverse clients across public institutions to small startups, all across Germany and the European Union.

This new location in Berlin is designed to work alongside its Frankfurt counterpart. Together, these places will offer all kinds of computer services like storing data, running programs, and keeping things secure. In a strategic move, Google has promised to roll out additional services like Cloud Run, Cloud Bigtable, and Cloud Redis within the next six months, making this venture even more promising.

There are plans to add even more services in the next few months to make it even better. They're aiming to make these services super fast and reliable, so that everyone from big companies to small startups, can use them without any problems. A lot of attention is given to keeping everything safe and following rules about where data is kept. In a digital world that's increasingly concerned about security and compliance, Google's commitment to data residency and high standards of protection is a winning move.

Now, in Europe, this new Berlin-Brandenburg location is like Google's 12th region in Europe and 38th globally. They've got similar places in many cities across Europe, like Milan, Paris, and others. Google is not the only one doing this. There are other big companies like AWS, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure doing similar things. It's like a race to see who can provide the best digital services.

In the Middle East, Google has already taken strides by opening a second region, and the expansion doesn't stop there. With plans for new regions across Austria, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden, Google is clearly on the move.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Oracle are also in the race, with bold plans of their own. Microsoft aims to launch 10 new cloud regions in a year, while Oracle has its sights set on adding six new regions in the coming months.

Google is really putting a lot of effort into making their digital spaces better. They're expanding in many places, not just in Germany. In this era of digital dominance, it's clear that these tech titans are leaving no stone unturned in the quest for cloud supremacy. With Google's Berlin-Brandenburg region stealing the spotlight today, who knows what revolutionary developments await us tomorrow?


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