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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

How you never miss important information on Microsoft Teams' new updates

Microsoft Teams will receive a much-needed accessibility boost in a future release by changing how its video transcription handles recorded meetings.

The company's updated Microsoft 365 roadmap states that if the "Record automatically" meeting option is selected, Teams will also enable transcription along with the recording. Teams will be easier to reach without altering the way you work.

This means for end users and administrators that speech transcription will be enabled by default when a meeting organiser enables "Record automatically" (as long as it is allowed by admins).

Microsoft Teams transcription

Microsoft hopes this change will help make meeting recordings more accessible while requiring no additional input or setup from organisers.

In the first instance, this feature seems to be coming to desktop versions of the Microsoft Teams app - an environment most business users veer towards.

That’s not to say that web and mobile versions may not get similar features in the future.

To make its platform as accessible as possible, Microsoft is pushing the update through the development process quickly, and general availability is set to be by the end of August 2022.

Since the outbreak, there has been fierce competition among video conferencing rooms as they all vie for the top rank. As a result, all of the major players have immediately copied and imitated any new features.

For instance, the ability of Zoom's video calling platforms to record and send brief video clips to colleagues appears to have been copied by Microsoft Teams.

This feature can be helpful if someone is away, but you don't want them to miss an important business announcement.

Microsoft has demonstrated its dedication to Apple's M-series Mac users by providing increased support for the gadgets powered by the company's silicon chips and several other new features recently launched or are on the way.


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