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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

HP rolls managed services for hybrid workforces into DaaS offering

HP has announced the launch of a revamped version of its Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering that provides subscribers with device procurement, delivery, repair, and disposal services as well as managed services.

The new offering has been dubbed DaaS+ Hybrid and comes with new provisions to enable the support of hybrid employees working remotely. Currently, the service is only available in the US and parts of Europe and is being channelled only by HP itself rather than through partners.

The upgrade is a strategic move by HP, especially considering how the workforce has changed in the six years since HP launched the original Daas offering. Reports show that at least two-thirds of organisations have adopted or will adopt some form of hybrid work.

“With employees working from home there is now an accompanying need to take a holistic view of the digital workplace and manage it in a way that optimizes device performance and experience regardless of their location,” said Sumeer Chandra, Managing Director and General Manager, Services at HP Personal Systems.

Sumeer said that DaaS+ Hybrid builds up on the device lifecycle management of its predecessor by incorporating ongoing remote performance management based on telemetry insights and automation from HP’s TechPulse platform.

Other services included in the new offering include automated remediation of performance-related problems, device fleet health, AI-based employee sentiment data, and remote security configuration management.

“The traditional security architecture that relies on network systems and firewalls to restrict access and ensure devices are up to date is no longer sufficient,” Sumeer said. “With DaaS+ Hybrid, our service experts can monitor an organisation’s device security posture from anywhere and help keep devices compliant and up to date.”

Pricing for the entire package is based on per-user, per-month charges. Subscribers may choose to have preconfigured devices delivered straight to an employee’s home. Additional benefits include next-business-day repair and return for malfunctioning hardware.

Subscribers can also opt for add-ons including HP’s Adaptive Endpoint Management and managed print services, as well as Presence Insights, a predictive analytics service created to anticipate when PCs will fail.


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