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  • Matthew Spencer - Tech Journalist

Infineon is making twice the profit after joining semiconductor manufacturer league

Recently, the chipmaker company Infineon has entered the industry as one of the benefit graspers due to semiconductor shortages. Moreover, this company is earning twice as profit after this rejuvenation. However, it can be easily predicted that the chip shortage became quite aggressive because of the pandemic.

On the other hand, the company alleged Siemens, a German manufacturer of Siemens semiconductors, usually gains nearly $3.3 billion. The profit has a falls and ends at $469 million out of nowhere. According to Jochen Haneback, we can reckon that the world has gone through various phases during the Covid pandemic session, and the stress entirely strikes against the supply chain management of various companies. Therefore, the demand surged unexpectedly due to the lack of proper supplies. After that, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia took place and stood against these supplies from several angles. Nonetheless, the entire business's performance is notable, as Jochen Haneback, CEO at Chip Giant.

The prime customers of Infineon are the automotive industries. And Infineon realised the deficit in chip availability enormously in recent days. When the reasons were sought, the first and foremost reason was the inflexibility in supply chain management of the automobile manufacturers. As a result, it plummeted in production in the early stages of the Covid pandemic. It is noteworthy that the company struggled intensely to overcome this stage.

Again, the car manufacturers are still working on an adequate chip supply. And according to the chief financial officer of Volkswagen, it is enormously challenging to solve the problems and surge a smooth supply chain system before the end of 2023. It is also predicted that another disastrous natural event can postpone the entire anticipated overcoming event. In addition, according to many other European car manufacturers, production cost has gone upward due to the price of the chips. It has a set of significant impacts on the revenue profoundly.

At the Infineon, a group of drastic changes in the growth have taken place. The automotive unit grew by 23.1%, with the industrial power unit also going up by 21.7%. The total gain of power and sensor system crossed the 25%, which is $975 million and about the connected, secure system, it gained by 24% and obtained $472 million. Eventually and concisely, we can say it was a revolutionary incremental change in companies' clusterings.

While considering the previous scenarios of Infineon, 2022 was a lucky year for this company. It raised the findings by $500 million to $14 billion in the following year. Henceforth, it is crystal clear that the company is going through a diamond stage by rolling out its chips production.

Despite the variety of issues like shortage of production with raw materials and labour, the entire industry remains profitable. Numerous companies which rely on semiconductors are considering the long term procurement method again. They assume that the determination of just in time models can reduce the inventory costs. The semiconductor producers are initiating the same long-term procurement strategies to cope with the companies which rely on semiconductors.

Consequently, it can be effective for both economic and industrial growth. In observation, it is found that in 2000 the returns from a semiconductor company were significantly low. Most importantly, the returns could barely cross the cost of capital. On the other hand, the changes astonished every researcher in the past decade. Since the demand for chips is soaring, in 2022, the business will remain profitable, as is assumed. And in comparison with other industries, the chip manufacturing industry went through more minor difficulties caused by nature. The shareholders' returns perceived around 50% of the annual returns in the last two years, whereas it was only 25% before these years.


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