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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

InterVision expands operations for mid-market organisations

MSPs are vital for businesses that need reliable and efficient IT systems but don't necessarily have the resources to manage them in-house. MSPs also helps in providing a cost-effective way to ensure that IT systems are maintained and secure, maintains the path in which businesses focuses on their core competencies.

InterVision is an IT MSP that brings years of experience to delivering and supporting cloud security and innovation for public sector organisations throughout the U.S.

InterVision's new features, offers dedicated 24/7 support by level 2 and level 3 cloud engineers for server-based, serverless container-based and DevOps automation and tooling. It offers a dedicated service delivery team with cloud architects that provide strategic guidance for configuration management and cost optimisation as well as managed workload detection and response options.

That's not all InterVision does to help organisations. InterVision has partnered with RedSpy365 to add Penetration Testing as a Service to its security portfolio.

Penetration testing is used to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, or applications with the goal of simulating real-world attacks and providing recommendations for a solution. The types of risks managed by this offering include resilience, compliance, economic loss, critical continuity and return on investment. It also includes cybersecurity capabilities for workload protection and cloud security posture management.

It reduces the burden associated with specific cloud operations and provides strategic guidance for modernising, optimising, and securing cloud-based workloads. One use case for is to free up key resources for Blue Digital Group to focus on more strategic activities.

The combination of cloud experts, cloud and security tools and proven methodologies and processes is built to implement mid- to enterprise-level requirements for operational and strategic readiness.


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