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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Jeff Bezos donating $1 billion in grants of the $10 billion commitment addressing climate change

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos is no stranger to donations, charity and supporting causes. This year on Wednesday, Bezos promised to donate $1 billion to support activists, scientists and sectors working regarding climate change. It would be 1/10th of the promised commitment Bezos pledged to donate to support environmental causes.

Bezos's spacecraft company Blue Origins recently launched a program where Bezos attended to cruise through space, viewing planet earth from above. In his voyage, he saw the whole planet and realized it was high time to do something in his power to save this beautiful Earth of ours. In this regard, his commitment got a full boost. On Monday, he pledged to donate $1 billion in grants. It will be focused on conservation efforts throughout the year.

The climate philanthropy pledge to protect the biodiversity of the Andes, tropical Pacific Ocean, the Congo Basin and other carbon-trapping forests will come under care. Bezos's recent expensive visit to space changed his view of Earth. He said, "I'd heard that seeing the Earth from space changes one's point of view of the world." But he was not prepared for "how much that would be true."

The vast and growing carbon footprint is slowly killing the Earth, and as a businessman, he knows how much his company involves alongside the cause and other companies. Bezos's commitment to donate as much as possible from his legacy and largely untaxed fortune is genuinely remarkable. The conservation fund also supports landscape restoration and food transportation.

The initial fundraising will "create, expand, manage and monitor protected and conserved areas" to help in a queue according to needs, it seems.

In another statement, he said, "The natural world is not better today than it was 500 years ago."

"When we enjoyed unspoiled forests, clean rivers and pristine air of the pre-industrial age."

The fund started a giveaway of $203.7 million to the World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, within year-end, and after that, $791 million in grants to 16 organisations last year. So, breaking up the amount with an additional $130 million within 2021 to the non-profit organisations. Bezos's vast empire of wealth is built up with the extra help of non-taxable funds that helped many companies conduct business.

When Jeff Bezos stepped down and Andy Jassy took over Amazon, he was on a mission to explore other matters within reach. And with vast wealth and multiple large companies in his portfolio, the wealthy CEO became invested in different sectors such as environmental issues, space travel, etc. Though it is still unsure which organisations will receive the grants directly, according to our research, the funds will prioritise local communities and conservation programs.

Vox titled the news as "$1 billion to conservation as Amazon destroys the world", which entirely goes in the direction of how large businesses and organisations are carelessly making profit out of the world, and it needs some take care. Even Bezos, in a statement, said, "The natural world is not better today than it was 500 years ago when we enjoyed unspoiled forests, clean rivers and the pristine air of the pre-industrial age" and "We can and must reserve this anomaly."

The Inquirer said the donation targets to help help "30%" of the Earth's land and sea in other news. It seems like an effort to clear the mess his company helped create gradually.

Nevertheless, it is never too late to think about the planet's future, and we have only one. It should be everyone's will to help in protecting the Earth and not just the wealthiest people.


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