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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

JumpCloud starts mitigation steps after a suspected incident

JumpCloud, a leading provider of cloud-based identity and access management solutions, has taken immediate action in response to an ongoing cybersecurity incident affecting some clients. The company has reset the application programming interface (API) keys for all impacted customers as part of its efforts to protect their valuable data.

Recognising the critical nature of this move, JumpCloud has communicated with the affected clients, reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding their operations and organisations. However, this API key reset will cause temporary disruptions to certain functionalities such as AD import, HRIS integrations, JumpCloud PowerShell modules, JumpCloud Slack apps, Directory Insights Serverless apps, ADMU, third-party zero-touch MDM packages, Command Triggers, Okta SCIM integration, Azure AD SCIM integration, Workato, Aquera, Tray, and more.

Despite the potential disruptions, JumpCloud emphasises that the API key reset is in the best interest of its clients' security. The company is prepared to support those who require assistance resetting or re-establishing their API keys.

In light of this incident, JumpCloud highlights the importance of API security and underscores the need for robust protective measures. Businesses must ensure the proper security of their APIs to mitigate the risk of potential security breaches.

JumpCloud's cloud-based Active Directory (AD) services are trusted by more than 180,000 organisations worldwide. Many software vendors and cloud service providers have integrated their systems with JumpCloud's identity, access, and device management services suite.

Specific details regarding the incident, including its scope and scale, are currently unavailable. JumpCloud is actively addressing the situation, although the nature of the network compromise or the precise cause of the issue is yet to be determined.

While JumpCloud's response to the incident is commendable, some criticism has arisen regarding the level of transparency in its communication.

Clients affected by this event are advised to promptly reset their API keys to enhance the security of their systems. JumpCloud has provided a detailed guide and an interactive simulation to assist in this process.

It is crucial for impacted clients to stay informed about any further developments or announcements related to this incident and to remain vigilant in managing their API security. JumpCloud is working diligently to rectify the situation and protect its clients' data and operations.


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