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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Kaseya announces two new acquisitions and launches a cyber insurance program

Kaseya has acquired penetration testing vendor Vonahi Security and audIT, a company that develops automated sales presentation software for MSPs. The managed services vendor made the announcement during Kaseya’s Connect Global conference in Las Vegas.

On the acquisition of Vonahi Security, Kaseya’s CEO Fred Voccola said the aim is to make penetration testing affording to all MSPs and simplify the process to encourage regular testing.

“Most MSPs really don’t do pen testing unless they have to. They want to do it, but they can’t because it’s too expensive,” Voccola said.

Vonahi Security solves the problem by running heavily automated pen tests. The best part is that a one-year subscription costs about as much as a single manual test typically does and it offers unlimited on-demand tests.

“The product is very inexpensive and it’s incredibly thorough,” Voccola said. On acquiring audIT, the CEO said the goal is to help MSPs with sales which is an area a lot of them struggle with.

audIT automates the preparation of compelling, repeatable sales presentations that even end users without technical know-how can easily understand.

The two new acquisitions join a growing list of companies Kaseya has purchased including Connect Booster, Datto, ID Agent, IT Glue, and RapidFire Tools.

Kaseya also announced that it’s launching a cyber insurance program and a certification program to increase the available number of certified Kaseya technicians.

The cyber insurance program which has been dubbed Kaseya Cyber Security Fast Track Program allows users of the entire Kaseya security stack to receive $1.5 million of coverage for themselves and their clients through one of several insurers at approximately 30% below current market rates.

The other thing that makes Kaseya’s cyber insurance program stand out is the incredibly easy application process. MSPs don’t need to fill out the usual lengthy questionnaire.

“KaseyaOne auto-populates it because there’s only five questions. We made this thing super easy,” Kaseya CEO said. Getting coverage for clients is also as simple. “As long as the MSP is using the Kaseya stack, every single one of their customers qualifies to buy that insurance at that same discounted rate,” the CEO said.


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