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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Kaseya Connect IT Global shifts to hybrid cloud as Datto goes virtual

Managed service provers (MSPs) are of great importance in the digital sector of commercial business. Whether small or large, they provide services beyond description to help companies with every technical need. Kaseya Connect It Global and Datto are two of the highly competitive MSPs known for top-notch service in the sector. This time around, they shifted toward the next part of cloud technology to help customers adapt to

Tim Weller, CEO of Datto, in a memo, said, "We arrived at this decision by realizing that many variables that drive the magic of DattoCon are now out of our control and changing weekly." He also stated to the MSPs that there are many global travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19, and if hybrid cloud is not adopted, then they "would be leaving out a meaningful portion of the MSP community." It makes total sense because top service providers need to have every tech involved in the business sector, or large companies will look for other compatible ones.

What is a hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud combines computing, storage, and servers made up for a complete infrastructure with private and public cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are two great examples of hybrid cloud. Using a combination of multiple platforms in the data centre to help businesses, organizations transmit and save data on command with various benefits. The private and public cloud's internal connection goes through a secure software solution that allows communication with each service. It has become a sweet spot for high-tech solutions to use and too lucrative not to acquire.

The hybrid cloud serves as an excellent facility for better control over private data alongside the security to handle sensitive information. This is why hybrid cloud saw exponential growth in a short time.

The Verdict

The IT conference scene was held due to the pandemic and was carried out through virtual events. Virtual events are flexible options, but it doesn't have the same interaction as a live meet and greet session. Still, it is better to have something than nothing at all, so DattoCon scheduled a conference from October 11 to October 15.

Kaseya Connect IT Globe's hybrid conference was also scheduled to run from October 19 to October 22. Weller last Friday said his company provides a forum for thousands of MSPs to engage with each other and still have a "blast while doing it."

Though Connect IT hosted a live event in the participation of global partners and customers, some couldn't attend the program. There will be a separate virtual session just for them. They will discuss matters related to corporate marketing and such events.

CEO of Advisory, Anoush D'Orville, manages a New York-based MSP, a Datto partner also moved to the virtual format of DattoCon. He said, "I don't know why anyone would risk anything at this time." He also said they don't even go to the office nowadays; just one person is accountable to receive packages and "had a couple of breakthrough cases" in their staff.

Many decision-makers were looking forward to the event as it would provide deep insights and a clear idea of what's currently going on and market expectations. President of Bytecafe Consulting and Indianapolis MSP and Datto partner Mike Clemons said they were looking for the in-person event but was "disappointed to see the live DattoCon switched to a virtual-only format." He bought tickets and was planning to go.

ConnectWise IT Nation Secure took place in June; many attended that event, but the latter event seemed like it came too early, and as a result, many participants decided to stay out. For many, travelling has come to a regular format, and they have no plan on going virtual again anytime soon, according to Clemmons. Even the Star Trek convention had a lot of visitors that took place last month in Vegas.


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