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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Law Firms Embracing Technology

Technology is surprisingly evolving the way lawyers practice it. The clever lawyers will make full use of new technology, while the ones that resist will simply be out in the dark. Simon Law Group is a perfect example of a company that has welcomed all that technology has to offer. As a 40 years old, co-founder with a twin brother Robert and Brad Simon are the longest standing members of their office. Maybe that is why technology has been ingrained in their processes from the start. They're young, but enthusiastic team, has suddenly become one of California's top personal injury practices.

They started automating its discovery process. The discovery process is a pre-trial procedure in which the lawyer collates all the information needed for the case. Before automating, this process could take up to two weeks. Now they are able to acquire the same information much faster. This is a great way to save for lawyers to save time. Through the use of A.I, the lawyers are able to collate questions and muster responses targeted at gathering all the information necessary to build a strong case.

Simon Law Group has embraced advanced mail-sorting systems. A few years ago, they had staff members dedicated to scanning each member of mail and uploading it to the case file. Now, this entire process is automated, which not only saves the lawyers time and money but also ensures a betters service for the client.


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