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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

Largest announcements by Microsoft partners at Inspire 2021 events yearly roundup

The annual Microsoft Inspire 2021 partner announcement event recently took place with a bunch of exciting news. The update will be mostly around the new Windows 11 and Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Though the new OS wasn’t supposed to arrive this fast, the pandemic pushed some updates earlier than expected.

Microsoft revamped the workspace in daily usage of computers. Though the windows start button now sits in the middle, it can be customised in the legacy placement. Windows updates now will be 40 per cent smaller and much more efficient than the previous ones. Yes, it’s a relief. We know how annoying the updates are and they take place in the time of emergency. The company rethought their decision and will now be favouring customers.

Now to more interesting news for businesses and organisations, resulting in change within the web-based infrastructure. According to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Azure Cloud got major updates as the most comprehensive and trusted cloud. In the UK, the city of Milton Keynes became connected with Azure to bring low latency broadcast and web services. Around 60 data centres have been organised throughout the world to bring data closer to where it will be used and is generated. As a result, a secure and pattern-based workflow may begin efficiently.

The Azure Arc enables current data flow on a multi-cloud structure to work even with Edge. The company is highly optimistic with 5G and AT&T core services powered by Azure in this deployment. In the metaverses solution, it will be much easier for HoloLens and mesh networking integration. The power platform in the logic gate uses Azure AI and systems that are autonomous. Azure Synapse Analytics data are spread out through Azure Maps with Azure digital twins. So, connectivity of physical and virtual becomes seamless in IoT. And the best thing about that is it can be monitored in real-time mixed with virtual reality.

Azure API and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is partnered with Azure Synapse. It will help growth in 400,000 Microsoft partners and their customers. Kubernetes is a Docker-based container system that came with the shift of technology to help the platform grow in parallel.

Microsoft’s corporate vice-president in global partners said the company “is committed to equipping partners around the world with the most innovative technologies.”

Windows services across cloud devices

Apps, data and their manual settings will be working together in Windows 365 cloud services. It will become available later this year for small and large business organisations. The company is hopeful to provide a next-gen cloud and streaming in the windows experience.

Solutions they will provide:

  • Managed service providers (MSPs) and system integrators (SIs) will get the most out of the new system.

  • Independent software vendors (ISVs) can use windows applications with a clear vision.

  • Windows 365 will widen device and silicon partners with robust features and hardware.

Development operations (DevOps) are enabled for partners who earn Hybrid Operations specialisation through Azure Arc. Even fees of marketplace reduced and margins took off with CSPs. Previously there was a 20 per cent fee for companies or agencies using the commercial marketplace. It is now 3 per cent and the company is hopeful to generate more revenue for companies through the decision while keeping business on top of its game. Nick said, “The reduction means higher margins for partners who publish transactable offers in our marketplaces and simplifies the fee structure.”

AppSource hosts more than 1,472 certified apps. And includes 734 ISVs in the program. The initiative of the update will show more relevant results in store. Change in the ISV Connect program has reduced profit sharing. It will also benefit by simpler practice in the go-to-market policy. 2022 will be a big year in optimising ISVs. The second anniversary of the Business Applications ISV Connect program will promote and provide more resources to support the developer’s effort. License Management discontinued Dev/Demo/Test environment sustainability is included in the program. To reach more teams, qualified ISVs will get privileged access to Microsoft training and technology along with direct consultation.

Sharing growth results and future scope with engineers and partners is a great way to show transparency and future thought towards new technology adaptation.


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