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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Monaco employs VMware's sovereign cloud to safeguard its data

As the world is been marked by the growing importance of data security and local empowerment, Monaco is positioning itself as a secure digital hub. The Government of Monaco has taken a huge step to enhance data security and digital services by adopting VMware Sovereign Cloud which proves the importance of data security and keeping data within national boundaries.

VMware Sovereign Cloud is a service company that ensures sensitive data is well-protected, complies with local laws, and remains within the country's territory. Monaco's adoption of this technology is driven by its growing digital services. This allows the government to modernize public services, improve citizen experiences and boost economic value for local businesses.

Monaco Cloud, a partner of VMware Sovereign Cloud will manage the government's sovereign cloud to improve Monaco's 'Extended Monaco' program which is focused on integrating digital technology into public policies and services. This strategy is to establish Monaco as a prominent digital hub, building initiatives in e-health, e-education, and smart cities.

The CIO of the Government of Monaco, Jean Charles, stresses the importance of data security and digital advancement for the nation. Monaco is committed to becoming a secure digital hub while maintaining its strong reputation for data confidentiality.

Laurent Allard, Head of VMware Sovereign Cloud at VMware, said: “The Government of Monaco is ambitious in delivering digital services across its own departments and to its citizens and businesses and by which has recognised that a sovereign cloud is the accelerator of these ambitions. As VMware Sovereign Cloud partner with Monaco Cloud, they can help deliver these digital services to help the Government of Monaco drive innovation more securely while complying with data privacy laws.

Davy Lissoir, CISO at Monaco Cloud, emphasizes their commitment to data security and confidentiality within Monaco and beyond. They aim to contribute to Monaco's digital transformation using VMware Sovereign Cloud services. Data security for Monaco Cloud is by design and we are adhering to the highest data compliancy regulations within Monaco.

In the modern era we are today, digital technology is the core of every economy, and being part of this field is crucial.


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