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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

How Managed Service Providers are creating new technologies in current business

Managed Service Provider services in short MSPs are IT solutions to businesses. Not every company can afford a separate IT department. Or they think of the financial benefits to gain by working with an MSP. Tech News Pro already has some clear-cut stories on which MSPs should businesses look into. In this one, we are solely targeting the technologies being used by these MSPs and the newer techs that will help businesses to become more digital.

PSA (Professional Service Automation)

Automation is a feature that can handle the task automatically. Some automation features we see are automated customer chat support bots, order placement, suggested help, etc. MPSs typically ignore automation and does things manually most of the time. In fact, this is the reason they are hired for. Best MSPs have lots of IT professionals that take matters seriously and do things manually. Top companies use these Professional Services in the same space of automation. It is one of the core tools of an MSP.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

Remote monitoring and management works are done directly from MSP offices to the company computers. If someone has trouble, in the early days it would mean a shorter workday for the employee. It is not really beneficial for companies. So, what MSPs do is that they monitor them all the time. They check the statics of how things are running and check for potential errors, fix them beforehand. Regular checking of security & updates comes as a bonus.

Backup and Recovery

Businesses depend on MSPs for IT solutions and they are not prepared to make a separate sector to back up their digital data and restore it in the time of need. This purpose is solely given to the MSPs and they are really concerned about the data. Of course, it is one of the plans to purchase. Data is backed up on secure servers or MPS data centres. They are easily recoverable in a time of need or a fresh start.


As most of our data are stored on the cloud or in remote servers, we depend on the cloud most of the time. One of the blessings of the 21st century is how effective technologies are at the moment. We have faster and better internet. Pushing our capabilities further. Collaborating with other businesses or customers, sharing and storing data, implementing new ideas have become so much easier, because the Managed Service Providers use the best technology available to take the benefit of the cloud. Large ones have their own cloud storage for extra security.

Businesses are thankful to MSPs, but the MSPs are directly thankful for all available technologies today. As they leverage it the most.


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