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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

N-able adds Microsoft Azure as a recovery option on Cove Data Protection

N-able has announced that it will be adding a new continuity feature to its Cove Data Protection feature. The company which specializes in IT software for MSPs said that the recovery software will now include Standby Image recovery in Microsoft Azure. This new feature will help MSPs and IT pros better provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to their clients.

It will make the process more affordable and facilitate fast, straightforward file-level restore. The new feature builds up on the current Cove’s SaaS architecture that reduces the time and costs associated with data protection.

Cove helps businesses to be better prepared for ransomware incidents by providing backup storage isolation by default. All primary backups are stored in the cloud which so that they are unreachable when the local network is compromised.

Cove’s Continuity features provide proactive recovery options to deliver higher service levels, including automated Recovery Testing and Standby Image. Now, with the addition of Microsoft Azure the Standby image option has become even more flexible. Users can now choose to backup business data to a local device onsite, to a secondary location, or to the Azure cloud—all without the need for expensive proprietary backup appliances.

“Azure and Cove offer a smarter way to solve the issue of failing over to the cloud. It’s free to send data into an Azure tenant, and you only pay for Azure compute when you boot up the virtual machine,” said Chris Groot, general manager of Cove Data Protection.

“Cove allows you to create a bootable image after every backup and store it there until it’s needed. In the case of an outage, Azure gives you full control over compute resources, and the cost of running in Azure during an outage is more affordable than buying and maintaining an expensive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) appliance you may never use. You can also continue to run your VM in Azure, if you choose, as part of a larger cloud-first IT strategy,” the GM added.

N-able, through Cove, has helped solve a major pain point in the MSP industry where professionals have had to shoulder the heavy cost burden of proprietary appliances to meet customer DRaaS needs. With Cove’s Standby Image recovery in Azure, MSPs can now deliver enhanced disaster recovery while experiencing up to 60% cost savings over traditional appliances, according to N-able.


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