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  • Caspar James - Tech Journalist

Node4 Helps Novacroft Complete Their Digital Transformation with Zero Disruption of Services

Covid-19 is forcing a lot of businesses to rethink their operation strategies with many of them now shifting to remote working. Novacroft is the latest company to join in the trend and going forward, all their workforce including their contact centre that provides customer care services will be completely remote.

This is all thanks to Node4, a company specializing in the provision of enterprise-grade hybrid IT solutions. Last week, Node4 announced that they had helped set up a hybrid cloud environment for Novacroft allowing all the 450 Novacroft employees previously working on-premise to seamlessly transition to working from home.

As you can imagine, transitioning from a 100% on-site working environment to a fully remote workforce is no easy feat. Especially considering that Novacroft serves over 32 million people and are contractually obligated to keep serving them at all times. Not to mention that some of these customers are high-profile public and charity organizations such as Transport for London and the Royal British Legion.

To complicate things further, Novacroft was in the process of hiring 200 new staff members to help keep up with new clients that were being signed. They also needed a solution that would allow employees to use company equipment as well as personal equipment.

However, the hybrid cloud solution installed by Node4 was exactly what Novacroft needed. It was scalable to cater for the new customer contracts that Novacroft was working on, it allowed seasonal staff to use their personal devices for work, it maintained the same standards of data protection Novacroft boasts of, and more importantly, it facilitated the company’s digital transformation while ensuring 100% uptime.

“We had the option to review Node4’s site and we were really impressed from the off-set. There’s tight security before you even get into the building, which is something we deem as vital,” Corin Frett, operations director at Novacroft said concerning data security.

Apart from the security and reliability of the Node4 hybrid cloud, Novacroft also gets to benefit from Node4’s disaster recovery and technical support whenever needed.

“As well as delivering a great service to Novacroft, the team at Node4 is always helpful and approachable, and we see them as a valued technology partner, not a supplier,” Corin said. The operations director is also thankful that the digital migration was completed without hiccups. “When lockdown was announced, we knew we had to move to a remote working model as quickly as we could. Thanks to Node4, we were able to do it without any problems whatsoever”.

And he’s not the only grateful person. Debra Charles, CEO Novacroft acknowledges the remarkability of the process while also noting that it will shape up the businesses’ future. “The fact that we could move to remote working so quickly is a huge milestone for the business. Because of this, we are now able to expand our search for talent to include the whole of the UK and be more inclusive in the range of people we employ,” she said.

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