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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Offensive Security Services team at CampusGuard rebranded

As the use of technology increases across all industries, cybersecurity threats have become a growing concern for organisations of all types and sizes. Campus-based organizations, in particular, are prime targets for cyberattacks because they often hold sensitive information about students, patients, and employees. To address this issue, CampusGuard provides cybersecurity and compliance solutions specifically designed for campus-based organisations in higher education, healthcare, and state and local government.

One of CampusGuard's divisions, formerly known as Offensive Security Services, has been rebranded as RedLens InfoSec. The division specialises in providing proactive cybersecurity solutions to identify security vulnerabilities and gaps in systems, networks, applications, and operating procedures. By offering valuable data to effectively manage and prioritise overall business risk, RedLens InfoSec supports an organisation's security posture and compliance efforts.

The RedLens InfoSec team offers a wide range of services, including penetration testing and red teaming, to limit the impact of potential security incidents and execute legal or regulatory compliance requirements. They specialise in evaluating an organisation's security posture and recommending improvements to enhance its defence capabilities.

Chad Wheeler, RedLens InfoSec manager, stated that their focus has always been on delivering measurable value and actionable results to their customers. The rebranding to RedLens InfoSec represents their renewed commitment to developing new and unique service offerings to add to their value proposition. The division is dedicated to innovating novel products and services while upholding their customers' expectations of exceptional customer care and expert service delivery.

CampusGuard CEO Harvey Gannon emphasised that RedLens InfoSec shares the same level of commitment as CampusGuard to deliver exceptional value throughout all customer engagements. With the increasing demand for IT security and compliance offerings across various industries at risk of data breaches and cyber threats, RedLens InfoSec remains a trusted partner in proactively defending organisations against these threats.

In conclusion, RedLens InfoSec provides campus-based organisations with innovative cybersecurity solutions to address the growing concern of cybersecurity threats. By offering valuable data to manage and prioritise business risk, the division supports an organisation's security posture and compliance efforts. Their commitment to delivering exceptional customer care and expert service delivery makes them a trusted partner in defending organisations against cyber threats.


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