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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Pick from the five new AWS cloud services that support 5G and the Supply chain

This month, Amazon Web Services announced several new cloud services and training programs as it pressed ahead with its sales drive to train millions more individuals in cloud computing. AWS' entry into the market for private mobile networks with the AWS Private 5G service and a new Supply Chain Competency Program that all channel partners should look at are some of the hottest new cloud offerings.

The Seattle-based startup plans to train more AWS partners' staff members with two brand-new subscription training options for Skill Builder. AWS Has Over 200 Products And A $79 Billion Run Rate Sales for AWS' second quarter came in at $19.74 billion last month, up 33% from the same period last year.

The market leader in cloud computing is currently at around $79 billion in terms of yearly run rate. AWS offered more than 200 goods and services as of July. According to data from Synergy Research Group, AWS is the global leader in enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services as of the second quarter of 2022.

According to Synergy, AWS gained 34% of the market for revenue-generating infrastructure services globally in the second quarter, followed by Microsoft Azure at 21% and Google Cloud at 10%. In terms of partners, the AWS Partner Network now spans the globe and consists of more than 100,000 systems integrators, resellers, MSPs, and ISVs.

Five of AWS's trendiest new services, tools, and training programs that went live in August are broken down by CRN for the benefit of clients and partners:

  1. AWS Private 5G

  2. Supply Chain Competency Program

  3. AWS Transfer Family Service Delivery Partners

  4. AWS Skill Builder Individual Subscription

  5. AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription

1. AWS Private 5G

AWS has hit the market for private mobile networks by releasing a 5G service that will assist businesses in quickly setting up and scaling private mobile networks. Customers place direct orders with AWS for the hardware and unique SIM cards. AWS then offers all the necessary software and APIs to enable enterprises to set up their private mobile network locally.

Each connected radio device, whose support rates of 150 Mbps across up to 100 SIMs, is priced at $10 per hour by AWS. With AWS Private 5G, there are no upfront prices or charges for individual devices; instead, clients just pay for the network capacity they use.

4G LTE Available, 5G ‘In The Future.’

It's important to remember that AWS' Private 5G does not yet support 5G.

According to Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS, "it supports 4G LTE today and will support 5G in the future, both of which give you a continuous, predictable amount of throughput with ultra-low latency." You receive inside and long-range outdoor coverage and granular access management.

On AWS-managed infrastructure, the AWS Private 5G service is operated. According to Barr, it is self-service, API-driven, and scalable regarding geographic coverage, device count, and total throughput. It also integrates with other AWS components and enables users to manage access to devices and apps using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). The U.S. East (Ohio), U.S. East (North Virginia), and U.S. West (Oregon) AWS regions currently offer AWS' new private 5G offering.

2. Supply Chain Competency Program

The new AWS Supply Chain Competency, which includes partners who offer expert services and cloud-native supply chain solutions, was unveiled by AWS last week.

In a blog post, AWS's top three supply chain executives said, "the world is coping with a perfect storm of supply chain issues brought on by a global pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, weather, and labour disruptions." This has led to widespread product shortages, unanticipated price rises, and ongoing supply chain insecurity for businesses of all sizes and industries.

According to AWS, the AWS Supply Chain Competency enables businesses to quickly identify AWS partners across the planning, sourcing, moving, and end-to-end supply chain domains, resulting in lower supply chain operating expenses. Customers can interact with partners through AWS who have attained the new Supply Chain Competency. Accenture, Anaplan, and Slalom are a few of the channel partners who have previously attained their Supply Chain Competency.

3. AWS Transfer Family Service Delivery Partners

With the help of AWS Transfer Family Service Delivery Partners, customers can switch to a cloud-native and B2B file exchange solution. AWS seeks to emphasise partners who offer top-tier expertise, proven success, and validated solutions.

These AWS partners assist clients in developing analytics and machine learning processes using natively stored data on AWS, eliminating the need for on-premises server administration, cancelling expensive software licenses, removing service and cloud compatibility difficulties, and more. AWS will connect customers looking for solutions to the company's partners who provide Transfer Family Service Delivery. Current AWS Transfer Family Partners include Versent, Deloitte, and DCX Technology.

The AWS Transfer Family

According to AWS, its Transfer Family is the only fully managed cloud-native file transfer service currently accessible. AWS partners have developed specialised solutions in response to customer requests. Integrating the customer's preferred identity provider, improved file transfer monitoring, and endpoint security are all part of this.

With the help of this service, users may fully utilise the data produced outside their primary information systems to create a data lake, disseminate subscription-based content, enhance vendor collaboration, and modernise ongoing file transfers.

The new Transfer Family Delivery Partners may create complex B2B file exchange systems while utilising the secure data storage provided by Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and other AWS services like AI and ML for data processing and analytics.

4. AWS Skill Builder Individual Subscription

The new individual membership option from the corporation is available to AWS channel partners that wish to increase the number of AWS-certified specialists on their staff. The new AWS Skill Builder Individual subscription offers students the hands-on training and new engagements they need to keep up with AWS innovation. The AWS Training and Certification team created the subscription.

AWS Certification Exam Prep, which features full-length practice examinations with the same depth and scoring as the actual AWS Certification exams, is one of the many preparation tools included in the subscription that a student can use to be ready for AWS exams.

Individual Subscription Cost

An individual subscription costs $29 per month or $299 per year. There is no requirement for a credit card or payment arrangement to be added to a partner's or customer's monthly AWS bill. AWS roles-based Cloud Quest virtual game and AWS Builder Labs, with more than 100 labs to choose from, are additional training options. These tools help learners learn to handle common cloud scenarios through exercises in a real-world AWS environment.

5. AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription

AWS now offers the Skill Builder Team subscription for its partners who want to drive their digital transformation collectively rather than individually. With the new Team subscription, managers may instantly receive AWS training for teams of more than 50 people. A Team subscription offers administrator functionality and a single sign-on experience for employees in addition to a tiered pricing structure dependent on the number of seats. The Team subscription delivers the same training and services as the Individual subscription, including official certification practice exams, AWS Builder Labs, and AWS Cloud Quest.

However, the Team subscription also includes tools for progress tracking, training tasks, and exclusive AWS Jam events. The built-in reports display each course's enrollment, progress, and completion rates.

Team Subscription Cost

Teams with more than 50 members may subscribe. With tiered pricing based on volume, AWS offers an annual plan for $449 per year and seat.


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