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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Qlik launches new cloud regions in the UK and Germany

Qlik, a leading data integration and analytics company, has introduced new cloud regions in London, UK, and Frankfurt, Germany. This is part of its dedication to supporting the growing demand for cloud adoption and innovation in the EMEA region and globally.

These new cloud regions specifically cater to organisations with UK and Germany-based operations, aligning with region-specific data privacy laws and data locality requirements beyond GDPR policies.

All Qlik Cloud capabilities and features, including Qlik AutoML and Qlik Application Automation, are immediately available for deployment in these new regions to support customer, partner, and OEM/ISV requirements. With Qlik's comprehensive AI-powered cloud platform, users can unify data across cloud and hybrid environments, automate information pipelines, augment insights with AI, and automate data-driven workflows.

Data locality and security are paramount in Qlik's product strategy, ensuring customers' needs are met effectively. Alongside the new regions, Qlik has completed the Trust Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) assessment and launched Customer Managed Keys. The latter allows users to bring their own encryption keys (BYOK), offering additional protection to the data stored in their Qlik Cloud tenant. This move grants the users complete control of data encryption at rest.

The launch of the new cloud regions in London and Frankfurt is a strategic move by Qlik to address the unique needs and compliance requirements of organisations operating in these regions. By providing region-specific data residency and compliance support, Qlik ensures that customers can confidently adopt cloud-based solutions while adhering to local data regulations.

Furthermore, expanding cloud regions enhances Qlik's position as a global player in the data analytics industry. As companies worldwide continue to adopt cloud technologies to optimise their data management and analytics processes, Qlik's expanded cloud presence positions it to capture the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions.

Qlik's ongoing focus on data locality, security, and feature enhancements further strengthens its position as a leading provider of data integration and analytics services in the global market. As organisations increasingly embrace cloud adoption and data-driven insights, Qlik's comprehensive cloud platform stands ready to support their evolving needs and drive digital transformation across industries.


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