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  • Philip Osadebay - Tech Journalist

Russia linked to cyberattack on Bermuda government services

A suspected cyberattack originating from Russia has been identified as a potential cause behind the breakdown in Bermuda's government IT systems. It appears that not only Bermuda government was affected but at least one other country may have fallen victim to this cyber assault.

At this early stage, the government is in the process of confirming the nature of the incident. However, initial assessments indicate that no digital information was compromised during the attack. In the wake of this disruption, the government has advised the public of disruptions to its telephone, internet, and email systems, affecting all government departments.

They emphasized the collaborative effort underway, stating, "Our teams are working closely with local partners and are prepared to engage international partners if necessary to ascertain the source of this incident." He also mentioned that Vance Campbell, the Minister of Tourism and the Cabinet Office overseeing IT, would provide updates as the situation becomes clearer.

The impact of this cyber incident extended to the Bermuda House of Assembly, which was postponed for the second consecutive week.

A government spokesperson confirmed, "Due to our network interruption, the House of Assembly will not sit today. We anticipate further service disruptions as investigations continue, and efforts to restore services are ongoing. While work on facilitating payroll and vendor payments has begun, payment delays are expected. Cashiers are currently accepting cash and cheques only."

Bermuda's IT system is administered by the Department of Information and Digital Technologies, while the Ministry of National Security oversees cybersecurity matters on a broader scale.

When asked if the incident could be classified as an "attack," It remains to be seen, but there is evidently an external factor affecting government services, and initial indications suggest it has roots in Russia.

As the investigation unfolds, Bermuda remains vigilant in addressing this cyber incident while emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity in an increasingly interconnected world.


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