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  • Marijan Hassan - Tech Journalist

Russia's intelligence service accused the US of trying to sabotage the presidential elections

As the election period in Russia is now over, President Vladimir Putin's foreign intelligence service has levelled accusations against the United States, alleging interference attempts and cyber attack plans targeting Russia's online voting system.

Putin, widely expected to secure victory in the upcoming election, has issued stern warnings against foreign meddling, labelling such actions as acts of aggression.

Reports from Russia's SVR Foreign Intelligence Service suggest that the Biden administration is orchestrating efforts to diminish voter turnout, with alleged plans to engage American NGOs and IT specialists in cyber attacks aimed at disrupting the electronic voting process.

However, the SVR's assertions lack concrete evidence, prompting speculation and scrutiny. Washington has yet to respond to the allegations, leaving the situation tense.

The ongoing narrative in the West paints Putin as a dictator and aggressor highlighting his central role in geopolitical conflicts especially the ongoing war against Ukraine. Conversely, Putin frames the Ukraine conflict as a defence of Russian civilization against Western arrogance.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has adamantly denied any involvement in past U.S. presidential elections, further adding that it will not meddle in the November U.S. presidential election.

Putin himself has made ironic remarks regarding the U.S. election, expressing a preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.


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