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  • Chris Bratton - Tech Journalist

SolarWinds acquires Monalytic: Federal Service Provider acquisition

SolarWinds went through another acquisition, and this time, it's a federal service provider. Monalytic is a monitoring, analysis and professional services company. That will be now under SolarWinds command. Since the foundation of Monalytic in 2018 in Tampa, Florida, the platform spectated tremendous growth in the sector.

The acquisition occurred on 19th January 2022 when SolarWinds was looking for an information technology partner. Thus, the add-ton type deal acquisition took place. SolarWinds is a leading service provider in the tech world, with simple yet powerful IT solutions, management tools, etc.

SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) has announced its acquisition of Monalytic, analytics, monitoring and professional services company. It will help SolarWinds to work with the federal government much profoundly. They are providing customers clock-to-clock support when in distress is no brainier. But on top of that, optimising and securing the dynamic IT system creates a particular belief. That belief system turns over more business, hence bumping up revenue. So, there will be rewards in Laymen's terms if you do a good job. Simple as that.

SolarWinds partnership with Monalytic is not a new venture; in fact, they have both been working together for quite some time. Monalytic provided SolarWinds public sector customers and projects. In response, SolarWinds gave the best version of tools available and service to peak their performance, creating a seamless partnership.

Non-critical systems that generate leads are some of the missions they worked on together, along with installing SolarWinds software in complex environments so the company can legally function properly.

One of the fascinating facts that piqued our interest is that all Monalytic consultants are certified professionals from SolarWinds. Now that doesn't seem much of a surprise as we think how great the integration went.

President and CEO of SolarWinds Sudhakar Ramakrishna said 'We are thrilled to welcome the Monalytic team to SolarWinds.' Added about the 'acquisition' enchaining their ability to serve federal customers and partners.

Monalytic brought 16 employees to the SolarWinds team who will maintain a similar position before the purchase. But both will perform as a separate entity. One will work closely with federal customers bringing new partners. And SolarWinds is the solution provider for onboard customers.

The partner ecosystem and reseller network at SolarWinds are great at customer satisfaction, keeping them as long-term service partners and gaining continuous revenue.

And the joint services with the federal government or public sector brings in new opportunities for SolarWinds, which was previously entirely capped. To function as one entity, the acquisition will play a significant role.

We may not realise it, but SolarWinds is way ahead of other service providers. As most work with private companies. SolarWinds can now land its own project from the public essence and the federal government.

It can be an iconic move to follow for other service providers. But not every company will be that lucky.

President at Monalytic, Greg Fetterhoff, said nothing will change "for existing Monalytic customers – it will only get better."

According to Bloomberg press release, Chief Customer Officer, SolarWinds said, 'this acquisition will further amplify Monalytic capabilities through their service and support offerings. As a result, it will help further intensify our efforts in this critical customer segment and continue to deliver superior value.'

Businesswire covered the official press release, where RESTON, VA based platform announced the news.

SolarWinds can now look at Monalytic weak points and strengthen them where they are lacking. As vast of a company SolarWinds is, their ability to serve remains on customer's feedback. If the federal or public sector finds a lack in the process, they may lose a big chunk of ongoing revenue and stay ahead of the curve.


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